Ducks imprinting on flooded corn

Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by 8UP4 FOWL, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. no harm-no fowl

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    Sep 9, 2007
    da fowl slayer, the point was that's it's stupid to waste time, money and resourses on trying to get ducks to imprint on an area. The place I mentioned was just an example of how "no attempt to imprint was necessary". That the ducks will show up if you have them in the area. It had nothing to do with me managing it. It is obvious that if you put a lot of work into a spot and there are no ducks that migrate over it, you are wasting your time. Are the ducks going to fly 3 miles to a nice spot if they have 3 in their face? I think not. Once again location is the key.

    As far as the well, maybe someone saw you coming when you paid $20000 for it. As stated by others, a $3000 well is not out of the question.

    Your right I didnt manage the spot I used as an example, but I do manage some areas. I don't know any farmer who is going to take his $300000wheeled combined in a flooded field. I didn't know that they had a tracked combined. Hense the suprise when it was.

    I think most people want to know what they can do on a small scale to have a better hunting place. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands on a marsh. That's nice that you manage a big outfit, but what I do is for me and whoever I want to invite. Since you threw out some number, here's mine. I killed over 150 ducks myself, hunting weekend and a few week days. And I'm thinking I didn't spend near as much as you or the owners did at your spots.

    For those of you who don't have a endless check book, find a good location and make what you can. Ducks always seam to love fooded corn.
  2. da fowl slayer

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    Aug 14, 2000
    This thread was not about flooding corn!!!! This thread was about do ducks imprint on places if you leave the water after season. Also putting food manually on your hole after season....
    It has nothing to do with killing ducks. I guess when you said my comments were stupid may have raised my hackles. Internet is funny thing it allows people to say things they wouldn't say in person. Cause where I'm from when a grown man tells another grown man what they just said was stupid somebody is gonna get their teeth knocked down their throat!!!!!!! Bottom line!!!!!

    For the record we don't put crap out to imprint them. We do that when we plant our crops. Don't have enough money to buy corn to put out.

    Anyways nice place you have to hunt good luck with it sounds like you have it all figured out.
  3. possumfoot

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    Jun 20, 2006
    nw tennessee

    you have obviously never thought outside the box.. yea, having corn during season is great.. but dumping corn in a bean field the day after season is not a bad idea.. expecially if they are in rotation..

    what you think is stupid is just plain necessity in some areas.. some places, all natural holes are already taken.. you have shown your ignorance.. now would be a good time to stop..

    but i have to ask.. how big was this 3000 dollar well, and how deep did they dig??
  4. knees

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    Jan 31, 2005
    I think you guys need to leave no harm alone. His experience with flooded corn fields trumps yours.....oh, wait. :doh

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