Eider/Sea Duck Outfitter in Mass or Maine

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    Jan 7, 2005
    We hunted with Ruben Dec 28-30. Shot birds every day. He worked hard to allow us to hunt in some tough conditions. Ramps had to be shoveled, ice broken etc. However, we hunted every trip we booked. It was cold and windy (30 MPH) the first day. All 3 days the temps and wind chill were in single digits or -'s. We shot sea ducks, mallards, black ducks, and brant. We went with Ruben because, from our research, he kills birds... Only one day we did not kill a limit of ducks and we left early to try for Brant by our choice. We had a blast and plan to go back in a couple of years. The only thing I can say bad about Ruben is he can't sing at all, he tried on the boat ride. However, the other 3 guys had that song stuck in their head for the 18-hour drive home in the snow...He also had some pretty funny stories...So take it for what it is worth... We had a great trip and when I go back I will be taking my kids with me to hunt with Ruben. Also, for what its worth, I am not getting anything from this post nor do I care who anyone chooses to hunt with. Just putting our trips experience out there for those thinking about going sea duck hunting.
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