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Elk Hunting ?????

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting Forum' started by Brett Buss, Jun 14, 2010.


    TEAMGTG Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 12, 2008
    It's still hot in the hills during that time of the year, and I'd guarantee you those elk will not go far from water. If it's in the western black hills you'll find them bedded on the north slopes, or in the grassy draws choked full of deciduous brush. If there is no pressure, all you'll need is a day to figure out where they are feeding and I'd bet the bigger bulls don't move very far from open terrain so they can keep the cows together. Once you figure out where they're sleeping, and the path they take to eat you have it made until the first shots go off, then its anyones guess. I suppose if you had no cover the blind would be handy if it blends correctly. My best guess is the ranch likely has its own small herd that stays within a mile of the perimeter no matter what. On the 3400 acre ranch we hunt turkeys and deer, there are 50 or so head of elk that never migrate, and they usually take one bull per yer out of the herd, and you can set your watch to their feeding behavior at all times of the year which makes it as easy as you could ask for it to be. I hope you have the same situation on the place you can hunt.

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