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Discussion in 'Nebraska Flyway Forum' started by Canuck09, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Canuck09

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    Nov 6, 2013
    Guys -

    All this rainy and cloudy weather has me day dreamin'. I want to plan a destination hunt for this fall... waterfowl hunting is the closest to my heart, but I wouldn't be opposed to deer (whitetails or mulies) or lopes or elk (probably wouldn't draw?). I would assume I would be on primarily public ground, but I may spend a weekend door knockin' this summer if I feel my options are limited by sticking to public. Right now, I would just like to identify fun hunts in scenic country and will wait till later to pinpoint locations. Anyone have any suggestions on good hunts they've done in the past? I would love to try other states, but my initial thought was that NE would be much more cost effective.

    Possible options:
    -Crescent Lake NWR waterfowl - camp and kayak
    -Midweek Rifle Deer trip - on one of the large plots of public ground
    -NW NE antelopes - looks like only doe permits (I have no pref points) unless I want to do archery

    Help a brother out. PM me if you want to.
    P.S. I am from the Oma/LNK area but plan on likely heading west for this trip. Distance not a huge deal.

  2. negooseman

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    Oct 15, 2013
    Sandhills waterfowling is tough to beat. You could even mix it with other hunts of upland or deer. I wouldn't do rifle deer cause of how much pressure but would look at December muzzleloader season. Elk can be done on public but is tough and nearly all private is expensive. No idea on antelope.
  3. nebgoosehunter

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    Oct 17, 2013
    +2 on a sandhills waterfowl trip. You can always chase grouse and even pheasants in some areas after a morning shoot. I would try and go in October for a mixed bag. Crescent Lake is out in the middle of no where and a good option. May want to check on camping even if your setting up a tent but I know you can camp on the WMA on the south side of the NWR. Try to avoid it on the weekends. I used to hunt there a lot several years ago and hardly ever saw a soul even on weekends. The word must have got out because there is a pile of Cabela's folks from Sidney that head up there in October on the weekends because they can't hunt ducks yet on the river. Better hope for some north winds though because sandhills ducks can go fairly stale if your not getting a new influx every few days. Check into some of the other WMA's in the western sandhills that have water. Those may be good options also. Shell, Smith, Walgren, Cottonwood-Steverson, and the ones around Hyannis may be worth checking into. Plus you can get in on a good fall fish bite. PM me if you want.

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