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    Oct 22, 2007
    Howdy everyone, My wife and will be vacationing this September out in the Fort Collins area. Last year I hired a guide through Blue Quill Angler and fished Chessman Canyon (which was amazing) but this I wanted to venture off by myself. Looking into the area it looks like the Poudre and Big Thompson rivers are pretty close by so those maybe good options and the thought at having the opportunity to catch a cutthroat is very exciting.

    I am definitely not looking for anyone's honey hole but if y'all have any general guidance that would be greatly appreciated. Mainly wanting to have a couple days of solitude away from the crowds with a chance to catch some fish. Thanks for your time!
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    Jan 8, 2003
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    Brother has a ranch up that way so I make it a point to fish the Poudre every time I get out there.

    Go up to Teds Place, turn left and head up the canyon. Up near the divide are some mountain reservoirs if you want to give those a try. Lots of great water all the way down the canyon, but flow is everything. For that you need to check with the locals. Some of the water is well marked as artificials (maybe even barbless, don't remember) only and in my experience that is where we found some bigger fish.

    Can't provide any help on the Big Thompson.

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