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Found chocolate lab

Discussion in 'Georgia Flyway Forum' started by yellowlabs, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. yellowlabs

    yellowlabs Senior Refuge Member

    Jun 18, 2004
    This is cross posted for a friend in Georgia We have a rescue dog here, dubbed Gypsy.

    Youtube Video: (we had just gotten her at the time of this video -- and have learned about the microchip and other commands since.)

    She is about 5-7 yrs old, smaller chocolate female. Looks like she might be out of Rascal if anyone had to guess. She most likely had a brush with a car on her journey. She has some scrapes and she had some swelling on a back leg, but it's not bothering her and is not broken. She is HW+

    She IS microchipped, but long story short -- it's an older chip and the company that registered them did not have good recordkeeping at the time. So her info is lost forever. Great, huh????

    She was left at a dumpster with food in Jackson, GA (Butts County), about an hour or so south of Atlanta.

    She appears to know heel. She may have either been forced or otherwise taught to fetch as she will grab and hold a bumper. She seems to respond to hold -- so it may be that someone didn't particularly force her, but did teach her to hold.

    She seems to have some form of understanding of heel. I snapped my fingers, said heel sharply and she made a loose loop to my side, complete with a crooked sit when I said sit.

    She knows down (which is NOT common for any dog to know unless someone took time with them).

    She was excited to see a chukar and retrieve it immediately. She was ****ed when I put it away after a handful of retrieves -- I take this as a sign of a true hunting dog, regardless of training.

    She has been good in her crate. She bounced around at the front door, leading me to believe she was a house dog.

    When she was found, she was very thin and had been left at a dumpter with a bag of food. My best guess is that she was either stolen or lost, someone came across her and left her at the dumpster hoping someone would claim her and/or just care for her.

    My very strong gut feeling is that someone would like to have her back. I can't imagine someone having a dog with some level of training who then ties them to a dumpter instead of finding a home for them.

    I was hoping that the kind folks of Atlanta or beyond can ask around and check with any choc Rascal-type pups that fit this description.

    I do have her chip number. If anyone ANYWHERE has bred a chocolate puppy in her age range, I'd be glad to compare chip numbers. I'd rather not give the chip out and I'd rather people send me chip numbers to cross reference. IF it so happens that we find her breeder, THEY SHOULD CONTACT all puppy owners and tell them to RECHIP their dogs bc these chips are in limbo. No reference to the location that bought them and possibly no reference to whomever might have tried to register them....

    She is being sponsored by RTF member and friend, Martha Glisson. She will be available for adoption once her HW is fully treated. She will be treated for HW once her body condition is recovered. It's already looking much better than in the video. She's been here 10 days and just completed quarantine this morning. She's in good health and spirits.

    If you can help pass the word around, please share this thread on facebook and via email. She could be from ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY, so pls share as much as you can, esp with chocolate folks.

    e mail for contact info

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