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Ga duckhunting

Discussion in 'Georgia Flyway Forum' started by Reb, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Reb

    Reb Guest

    I was hoping some could help me with some good hunting spots here in Ga:confused:
  2. NJChessie

    NJChessie Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Wayne, NJ
    Where you at in GA? Reb
  3. Reb

    Reb Guest

    I Live in Newnan,Ga but I'd be willin to travel for a good place to hunt.
  4. Comp-N-Choke

    Comp-N-Choke Guest

    How far is Newnan from Dublin ?
  5. Reb

    Reb Guest

    It's about a 2 hour drive, But if you know of a good place it would be a small price to pay.
  6. Comp-N-Choke

    Comp-N-Choke Guest

    This is a partial list of what we've killed. Lots of woodies, hooded mergansers, ringnecks, blue and greenwings, few mallards, a drake shovler, seen some more stuff but havent killed it.......yet.
  7. SWG

    SWG Guest


    Sounds like you have taken some nice ducks. Has your success been on private land? any room for 1-2 ethical, non-drinking hunters?

    Many thanks,


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