German Duck

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    I guarantee that this is so good that it will make you want to go shoot some more.:tu

    Duck, 1-2 Breasts per person

    ? c. @ salt & vinegar to wash

    41 oz. can sauerkraut w/juice

    3 slices bacon per duck breast

    3 stalks celery, chopped

    1 large orange, peeled, sectioned & chopped

    1 large Granny Smith apple, chopped

    1 med. sweet onion, chopped

    T:grvn PREPARE:

    Wash ducks in salt & vinegar solution. Place layer of kraut with juice in 9x13 glass pan. Mix celery, orange, apple & onion, place on top of kraut. Place breasts on top of mix and cover with bacon and additional onion. Bake at 300? for 2-3 hours (if duck tends to be fat, remove excess drippings while cooking). Serve and let everyone take as much of kraut mix as they want.


    Wild rice, green beans, crusty rolls

    SERVE: 1-2 breasts per person

    Alternative: Use as stuffing for whole ducks

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