Getting some weather... and some divers

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    Been getting out a little the last month, but things have been slow. Had some localized weather that seemed to push out a lot of the birds in October, and not much had been coming down from up north. Went out Saturday morning to a lake where I'd been consistently seeing a lot of cans and other divers and did a shore set for the morning. Was slow, but picked up a hen goldeneye, drake wigeon, and my first bull can! I often see geese in this area so kept waiting for some to show... they finally did while I was hauling my sled back to pick up my blocks after calling it quits. Drove by a cove where I'd been seeing upwards of 100 cans pretty regularly - saw three out there. So felt good about my morning.

    With a storm rolling in, went back out Sunday morning. I have an old 12 foot jon boat I bought nearly 20 years ago - the Wigeon Whacker. It sat neglected as a dog shade in my parent's back yard for the 10 years I was in Alaska. After moving back the boat needed some work (scraping old paint, resealing all the rivets, repainting, and adding simple scissor blind) - was a slow process around life's other obligations, but finally had it ready to go so decided to give it a test run.

    Took my old man out for the morning, threw out a dozen blocks, and parked in the reeds. Had a nice flock of cans work the dekes almost right away - was super awesome to watch. Then when they finally committed, I botched it... shot behind a drake and got a scotch double on hens. Oops. So I was done on cans. My dad doubled on a drake and hen, but we lost the drake. Swam out of gun range - we took the boat out and he dove. Floated around where we last saw him. He popped up once a couple minutes later but was down again immediately. Gave it another ten minutes and never saw him again. That was a bummer, but so it goes. Anyway, finished out our limits shooting buffies over the decoys. Had one more nice flock of cans come in, but we let them go.

    Definitely saw some migrants pushing through up high and a few flocks of geese moving on the horizon, so good to see some fresh birds coming down. The blind has a few kinks to work out, but very pleased overall with the day.

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