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Getting to Know the Illinois Refuge Gang

Discussion in 'Illinois Flyway Forum' started by hybalynhairy, May 9, 2005.

  1. hybalynhairy

    hybalynhairy Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 20, 2002
    central ill
    Name: Jason Harrison
    Age: 30
    Home : Middletown Il
    Gun: Benelli
    Dog: none
    Shells: dry lock 1oz. 3/8 3s
    Married: 8 years and 1 son 2yr 1 daughter 7 yr
    Favorite hunting spot:Mason County
    JOb: Area Manager for FS
    Favorite clothes: Anything Drake
    Who got you started:Larry Miller from Easton
    My cell number:217 737 6564 if any one is wanting to hunt or share a good time in the outdoors
  2. SHOOTumINtheLIPS15

    SHOOTumINtheLIPS15 Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 26, 2003
    Ofallon IL
    Name: Matt King
    Age: 17
    Home : ofallon IL
    Gun: 870
    Dog: mally (blf)
    Shells: #2's for ducks...hevishot #2's geese
    Married: nope
    Favorite hunting spot: the walk ins (carlye lake)
    Job: produce worker at a grocery store
    Favorite clothes: anything that keeps me warm
    Who got you started: my dad and my uncle robert in williamson county
    calls: goose, shm. grounds super mag
    duck, echo and primos
  3. Berganser

    Berganser Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 18, 2002
    North Central IL. Bureau Co.
    Mark B.
    Seatonville, IL.
    Win.SX2 3.5"
    Choc. Lab. "Angel" (Does not hunt--Gun Shy or any other loud noises)
    Win. 3.5" #2 for Ducks--Hevi-Shot 3.5" #2 for Geese (Imp. Mod-Patternmaster)
    Getting married This September (9-10-05) "FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!"
    West End Gun Club--"MUD LAKE"...Private Club...Must be a member
    Opertor in Chemical Plant--LaSalle, IL.
    Grampa and my Dad--Mostly waterfowled w/Grampa and deer hunted with Dad--Gramps is 92 now and doesn't hunt but loves to here my stories just as much as I love hearing his!!!!!!
    Columbia Clothing in MOBU, Drake Pullover in MOBU and Rocky Boots. I like the MOBU pattern for waterfowl-It matches best with my surroundings and for Bow Hunting as well.
    Echo calls for ducks
    Wingloks for geese
    Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tu
  4. zettler

    zettler Elite Refuge Member

    Jul 5, 2000
    Chatham, IL USA
    Name: Bob Zettler
    Age: I am 51, but act 19 most of the time, and feel like 80 the rest…
    Home: We have been In Sangamon County since June 1985 and currently live in Chatham, IL but I was born and raised in Champaign. I have lived in the East Bay area of California, San Antonio, TX, and in the Carbondale area.
    Gun(s): To name the most used, I have a SX2, Valmet 412K O/U, Mossberg 935, Mossberg 835 (2) and a broken Ithica Mag-10.
    Dog(s): We have three (3) Yellow Labradors. JJ is the (fox-fire color) father who is 10 and hails from Beardstown, and his two kids – Chunk and Star, both 3 ½ years of age. The mother is deceased
    Shells: Whatever gets the job done but primarily Federal, Winchester and Hevi-Shot. Remember, Speed Kills, so I prefer the shotshells that are fast (1550 fps) and have three or four cases I bought off of Wal-Mart this past end-of-season clearance sale. I use #2’s on ducks, BB and BBB’s on geese and Tundra Swans. On pheasants I use #6, #5 and #4’s, depending on the circumstances BUT they all have to be good, solid shotshells.
    Married: Several times but currently tending to children full-time.
    Favorite hunting spot: Lost my place to Turkey and Deer hunt in Schuyler County when the landowner died 18 months ago, so I am looking. For waterfowl, it has to be North Dakota where I plan to retire. It also has some excellent upland hunting. In Illinois, I like the Sanganois and Carlyle walk-ins for ducks. For pheasant, I like east-central Illinois. For wild turkey, I like Missouri. For geese, I try and smack a few close to home in Sangamon County.
    Job: I work for the Illinois Department of Public Health as the Men’s Health Program Section Head. Prior to coming to Springfield in 1985, I worked in healthcare and began writing as a hobby/volunteer effort in 1983. I also served as a Director on the Illinois Waterfowlers Alliance for over 12 years and represented waterfowlers on a variety of committees with the DOC (now the DNR) and other related venues like the Federation of State Waterfowl Associations. Now, family comes first for the most part.
    Favorite clothes: Anything that fits my expanding body. I NEVER pay retail either for anything!
    Who got you started: My first wife. I just had to find something legal to do with a firearm after she left that involved – you know. :dv I am self-taught and demonstrate it every time I am afield. I truly love the outdoors and hunting in particular. :z I try every chance I get to expand other individual(s) horizons by taking them afield where and when I can. My father use to take me when he hunted pheasants but that was only to “break-brush” to hopefully flush some birds when we never had a hunting dog. Use to be one of several owners (corporate member) of a duck club along the Illinois River BUT will never do that again. Lost a lot of money and what I thought were friends. A hunting club needs to speak with a unified voice, and that will never occur when there are a dozen or more members wanting to tell others what to do and how to do it…
    Calls: I do not have any particular favorite or one to die for but I have used many from Haydel, Gary and Allen McCree, and OLT. I recognized early on that as I am a poor caller on my best days, then spending oodles of my limited funds would be futile! :z

    The above may or may not truly represent the beliefs and actions of the author, but just in case it does, he believes you would understand if you had met his first wife… :yes
  5. Il. MudDuk

    Il. MudDuk Elite Refuge Member Supporting Member

    May 17, 2002
    Southwestern Illinois, U.S.A.
    NAME: Jim
    AGE: 32
    HOME: Collinsville, IL.
    GUN: Remington 11/87 12ga.
    DOG: Yellow Lab "Drake" 6 1/2 yrs old
    SHELLS: Win Drylocks, 3" 1 1/4 ounces of #3's
    MARRIED: To Lisa for almost 5 years...have a 5 week old baby girl, Amanda
    HUNTING SPOT: several but mostly Central Zone
    JOB: State job
    CLOTHES: Waterproof preferably in old Mossy Oak patterns they no longer make.
    WHO STARTED..: My dad back in 1983
  6. greenheadIL

    greenheadIL Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 27, 2000
    Name: Kyle Lauer
    Age: 24
    Home: Belleville
    Gun: 870
    Dog: female black lab "babe" 6years old
    Shells: Kents I like the 1&3/8 oz 3 shot for ducks; 3.5in bb or bbb works well for honkers
    married: sometimes it feels like it but I'm only 24 still have some have more hunting toys to buy before that happens
    Hunting spot: have boat will travel; most of my duck hunting is on the kasaskia river, but my favorite spot like zettler said is North Dakota only been there once I hope to return.
    Job: Federal Job w/ the USDA dealing w/ food safety and grad student for 1 more semster.
    Clothes: Warm and Dry I like advantage wetlands
    Who got me started: Dad: November 12, 1984 Rend lake Limits of greenheads
    Calls: Duck haydel; Goose tim grouds half breed
  7. deadbird

    deadbird Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 15, 2002
    havana, Illinois
    Name: Matt stroub
    Age: 22
    Gun: Super X2
    Dog: fbl "pepper" 4 years old
    Shells: what ever is the cheapest
    Married: NO
    Hunting spots: Anderson lake and Matanzas lake
    Job: work FOr Illinois Natural History Survey as a fishiers Tech.
    Clothes: Like everyone else said what ever keeps me warm
    who got me started: my dad
    calls, winglock
  8. cutemclose

    cutemclose Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 25, 2005
    Southwest Illinois
    Godfrey Il
    super x2
    Blm Otis 2 1/2 yrs old
    Winchester Drylok-2 for ducks,Winchester Drylok-BB for geese
    Yes I am married,Shawnna pushin 16yrs. kids Zach,Carley,Ashley
    My huntin spot is wherever the boat takes me.Mostly central zone
    I work for Olin(hence the shells I shoot) as a general machinist
    I wear whatever i can afford that keeps me warm and dry(being as im married with three kids)!
    My dad got me started in the early 80's
    My duck call and goose calls are all winglock.
    Pleased to meet everyone on a more formal basis :tu
  9. cutemclose

    cutemclose Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 25, 2005
    Southwest Illinois
    Great idea hairy :tu
  10. Ryan Graves

    Ryan Graves Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 6, 2002
    In the heart of the Mississippi Flyway
    Name: Ryan Graves
    Age: 26
    Home: Marion, Illinois
    Job: Chemical Specialist(sales) for Zep Mfg.
    Marital Status: Came close to marriage but as of March Im single :grvn
    Dog: Yorkie-Mattie no hunting dog
    Gun- SX2
    Shells: Kent
    Clothes: Columbia, Hodgman, Drake
    Calls: Haydels and Grounds
    Cardinals or Cubs: Cardinals
    Favorite Hunting Spot: I do most of my hunting in the Illinois River Valley, clubs and sloughs around home and at the duck camp in Arkansas.
    Got Started with: Ive hunted since I was about 12 but started taking it serious in High School about 12 years ago with some friends

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