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Discussion in 'Women's Hunting Forum' started by Haus, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. gunaduck

    gunaduck Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 24, 2007
    I hunt with a Charles Daly 20 gauge It has little recoil and can slay anything from quail to rabbits to honkers.
  2. surf n' turf

    surf n' turf Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 30, 2002
    Ogden, UT
    +1....the monte is really nice, almost zero recoil. my buddies wife shoots one and she loves it. I am going to be buying one for my girlfriend.
  3. Squaller

    Squaller Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 5, 2003
    Fresno, California

    I would absolutely disagree with you here. An auto loader dampens recoil considerably, and for a woman or junior, I would consider no other gun.

    I recently bought my girlfriend a Beretta 391 youth model. It is light and easy for her to handle and swing. Until she is comfortable with the gun, she is shooting one shell at a time. She is pretty responsible, and I will let her decide when she is ready to load more shells.

    She has practiced loading and unloading the gun using dummy shells, or you can crimp some empty shells and use those to practice with.

    If your gal is petite, I would really recommend the Beretta Youth (depending on how serious you are with her). I looked into all the youth model semi-autos, and found that Franchi was a good gun but had some mechanicle issues and parts are tough to come by. Out of all the youth guns I looked at, I narrowed it down to Franchi and Beretta.

    If your gal is not so petite, you might think about buying her a used Beretta 390. It is a very reliable gun with a slim profile.... I would stick with a 20 ga. to start off with though.

    If you have to cut the stock (which I feel is essential), you can add some spacers so that you can use the gun for upland hunting if you like.
  4. LJ_GAGE

    LJ_GAGE Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 24, 2006
    Wife shoots a Benelli M2 and she loves it and shoots it lights out.
  5. grnhdseducr

    grnhdseducr Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 26, 2001
    Summit County Colorado
    Wife has a xtrema2 for waterfowl. She started with an 870 which was a bad choice on my part. Go with an auto if you are getting a 12.
  6. RingneckSlayer

    RingneckSlayer Elite Refuge Member

    Oct 26, 2008
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    My girlfriend is small, 5" 110lbs. She wanted a gun and picked one out, I bought it for her and she uses it all the time. Beretta 390. Personaly I would like to see her shooting a Remington but that's just me. She has no special recoil pad and handles 3" BB's just fine.
  7. total disaster

    total disaster Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 25, 2004
    NS Canada
    Before I start... I am posting under my boyfriends user name. I read here more often than he does. LOL.

    Anyway! ;)

    Personally, I shoot a Browning Silver 12 gauge that can handle up to 3 1/2" shells. While I can handle the 3 1/2's they really put a beating on my shoulder after half a box or so. I usually stick to the 3's! I have always shot semi auto's and wouldn't want anything else. I started out with a Browning Sweet 16 for squirrels and have even shot 3 1/2's through my boyfriends Browning Gold 10 gauge. On the other hand though, I am no petite girl. I'm almost 5'8" and on the "healthy" side if you know what I mean. LOL. :nutz :l

    The main thing is, if she hasn't got much experience with shotguns, or guns at all for that matter. The last thing you want to do is scare her with a gun that's too big for her to handle. The gun needs to fit her and feel comfortable at the same time. I am facing that problem with my Browning Silver currently because it is too long. It gets caught up in the armpit of my hunting jacket when I try to shoulder it.

    Take her somewhere that there is a good selection of guns, find ones that are suitable to her, lay them all out on the counter and have her shoulder each one. Whichever she is most comfortable with and you feel she can handle, then that's the one you should go for. Don't get hung up on brand names and all, but don't buy a P.O.S. either.

    Hope this has helped! Good luck! :tu

    CNEDUX Senior Refuge Member

    Jun 19, 2004
    wet&dry wa.
    awesome gun!!

    just a note.. the 12 2 3/4 recoil is very close to that of a 20 3 in. and the shells are usually cheaper and you don't have the chance to mix shells in the blind..

    my daughter went from an 1100 20 to a 1100 12 and found no difference in recoil she shoots the 11-87 prem. now but has shot a friends Monty and would own one if I could afford one
  9. Blacklab227

    Blacklab227 Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 11, 2007
    Pull the Rope
    Yes, yes, and yes.

    The biggest recoil reducer, besides total weight, is proper fit. One gun to look at seriously is the Beretta 3901 RL Sporting. It's a gas-operated 12 ga. auto capable of handling light 2 3/4" shells all the way through 3" magums. The most important feature on this gun is the adjustable comb. This simple feature allows a shooting instructor to fit the gun to your gf's face. This will, without question, lessen the gun's felt recoil.
  10. videographer

    videographer Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 19, 2005
    I can see your point in dampening the recoil. I like the point you made about one shell at a time, until ready. I see a safety issue with a newbie hunting with an auto loader in the same blind as me. Safety first!

    If you buy your girlfriend or wife a Berretta, I would think you would be setting your self up for a lot of other expensive stuff in the future.:D

    10 carrots, maybe:cry


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