Goose call recommendation for beginner

Discussion in 'Duck & Goose Calling Forum' started by Easterncanadafowler, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Rick is good people!!
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    Depends on the persons calling style. The longer short reeds are designed that way for technically slower calling, shorter ones for faster calling. Broke in guts for more flat mellow tones, non broke in for sharper hi pitched notes. A good way to save yourself a bunch of money is buy a long medium and short length decent call and regular broke in and cut broke in guts. And have the person blow each of the three calls with the three types of guts and see which one fits about 4 months before season. The reason why is most of us have spent 1000's of dollars looking for that call before we realized there is more than one type of short Reed goose call. If I could go back I'd do this because your preferences change as well as how you control the call and your air as you get better at calling. a call that sounds like a party horn when you start out might sound like a goose machine after you have a few seasons of calling. And that one that sounded like goose magnate might not operate smoothly when you're macanics get sharper. And the one that sounded mellow might sound too deep after you start popping air into the call. So if you buy all three types of calls and three types of guts you effectively have 9 calls to choose from when you start to get ready for season. Along the way there are also three styles of guts besides the three types clucker of two variaty, and full reed. So if you try all three you have 9 different gut systems giving you 27 different calls with the three body's. This is part of the reason most people find one that works and make it work. a short cut is to buy a set of bigs, and broke in guts from c&'s and a tuning kit from bill saunders, along with a set of broke in clicker guts from bill. Three calls in short mid and long. That will give you a good start for less then 400. Besides this you will need to first blow a few calls with different port sizes the exit port of the call is different in some calls and find which one allows you to blow the call with the air you present. After that and that you should be on your way. Hahaha waterfowling
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    Gk giant slayer with ote guts is easy to run and sounds great. It's not a super loud comp call

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