Goose stir fry

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    Goose stir fry

    Goose breasts (one goose)
    3 onions
    16 oz sliced mushrooms-drained
    3 oz sliced almonds
    4 pk Uncle Ben's Oriental rice
    6 celery stalks- cut into 1" pieces
    4 bell peppers -2 red, 2 green cut into strips

    Soak breasts in milk overnight. Slice them into 1" thick slices and boil for 20 minutes -save broth for rice. Now cut the goose into 1" cubes. Saut? goose, onions, mushrooms, and almonds for 15 minutes. Prepare the rice according to directions (stove top way), using broth for water (you may need to add more water). Add celery and pepper slices to rice halfway through the boiling time. When rice is in "simmer time" add goose mixture and allow to simmer 15 minutes, then serve.

    6 servings

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