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Guns into the USA

Discussion in 'Canadian Hunters Forum' started by Netley Hunter, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. meathunter

    meathunter Senior Refuge Member

    Apr 28, 2002
    Weyburn, Saskatchewan
    You will not be allowed across the border without an approved BATF form 6N1A. You get it from their website, fill it out (simple) and then mail or preferably fax it in to them. It takes anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks to get it back, with 4-6 being average.

    You MUST include a copy of a valid US hunting licence. There are presently NO exceptions to this. It doesnt matter what the licence is for, it can be for any State for any type of game.

    It was alot different last year, but in the past year every border station has adopted a 'no exceptions' stance - you either have the approved form or you LEAVE your guns in Canada.

    For what its worth, once you're legally in the US, as long as you have a valid hunting licence, you can legally possess/purchase any firearm and ammo.
  2. PartTimer

    PartTimer Refuge Member

    Dec 14, 2003
    BC, Canada

    Not quite true. Even with a valid Form 6NIA, you can not legally purchase a firearm while stateside (there are provisions that will let Canadians buy firearms, but you have to reside in the US for more than 90 days and have a resident alien number). Furthermore, if you buy any ammo while down in the US, you can not legally bring it back across the border with you - you have to use up (or give away) everything that you have left over. With the new US regulations, various gun parts, loaded ammunition and reloading components (primers, powder, wads) can not be exported out of the US without proper export permits.

    Also, there are exceptions to the hunting license requirement - you can get an approved Form 6NIA if you are going to the US for a recognized and sanctioned competition (eg. ATA Trap Shoot, or FITSC shoot). Under this part of the regulations, you have to include shoot invitations with your application and also take the shoot invitations with you when you cross the border. The hunting license method is still the easiest and reliable though.

    Check out Joe Potosky's web site as mentioned earlier. He's put a lot of effort into compiling all of the necessary info and experiences of people going for their Form 6NIA.


  3. LostTarget

    LostTarget New Member

    Dec 20, 2003
    Bringing Firearms Into the US:

    The above link will take you directly to my Form 6NIA page.

    Rather simple process for most, but it does take time. I have seen some shooters not receive an approved form until 90 days has passed. Recently several shooters have reported a 3 - 5 day turnaround via FAX. This has not been the norm........

    For those who filed an application when the US Government first made this a requirement, and gave up as the form was to difficult or said you were not going to do this again, you will find the current version of the ATF Form 6NIA much eaiser to complete, with very good instructions that should answer most questions.

    Apply early, don't wait. When you apply with a hunting license (any state) it must be vaild, not an application for same. Don't forget to include your ammuntion on the application, if your planning on bring same into the states.

    * If your not going to transport a firearm to the states, but rent or borrow a firearm, you must be in possession of a valid/current hunting license (any state). I recommend the Alaska Hunting license as it cost $20 (US) and is good from Jan 1 - Dec 31.

    ** As stated in another posting, if you buy, win, or are given ammunition in the states, you cannot bring it back into Canada. Only the ammuntion listed on your approved form can be brought back into canada.

    *** Shooters can apply with a shoot registration/invitation, but I recommend going the hunting license route, it gives you more flexibility as you can visit the states almost any time with a firearm. But if your only dropping down into the states for one registered shoot, it may be the best for you.


    Also, for those wishing to purchase a firearm in the states, short term visitors cannot take possesion of the firearm, it must be shipped to Canada by the seller (FFL). If you take possession, you are in violation of US Federal law.

    If you have American friends who you wish to come up and shoot in Canada, I also maintain a web page that addresses that situation.

    Americans and FIrearms in Canada:

    Joe Potosky
  4. Rockblind

    Rockblind Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 5, 2001
    22 KM from Stakeblind 4000 KM from Stoneblind's Ho
    LostTarget, Welcome to the Fuge and the Canadian Fourm. Thanks for posting up the URL for Firearms.

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