"hand this man over to Satan"

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    The purpose of church discipline is always reconcilation [or it should be]. If we "turn someone over to Satan" IMO, we stop caring for them as a member of our church family. In our church this means we remove them from our membership. If they try to join another church without repenting and we find out about it we will make a discreet phone call and let the new church know that the now former member left under disciplinary action. We won't share any of the details.

    We don't look at it as "discipline" we look at it as Search and Rescue. If one of ours has fallen into the trap of sin, we try to rescue them by pointing them in the right way, lovingly, firmly and honestly. We have the closest to them act as accoutability, and once they are restored, we it is a great time to celebrate the return of one of our family.

    I think if someone is saved, they'll usually repent when confronted of the sin. It may take them a while, but they'll come home. If they don't repent and continue in a downward spiral, then you have to wonder if they were really ever saved or were just acting the part, for whatever reason. Most people don't change when they see they need to, they only change when they pain of going forward is worse than the pain of changing course. Therefore the logic in letting satan have them for a little while. We've actually prayed for some pain to come into wayward member's lives to cause them to see the truth and to turn.

    Sometimes S&R works, sometimes it doesn't. In every case the member under S&R will tell you he was loved the whole time; at least we cared enough to try.

    If you think it's easy; it's not. Try going to a friend who you've laughed, cried, prayed and worshipped with and confront him about the affair you found out about. Pull him out of service, disband his Sunday school class, stage, have him soak for a year. Follow up on a daily basis.

    But wow, the time we had when we celebrated his return to service and to full church fellowship.

    Most churches don't practice S&R for fear. We've been doing it quietly for a long time, but now we've put it into our new constitution and bylaws when we incorporated.

    Notice in 2 Cor that Paul said the problem that was the main reason for 1 Cor had been resolved. I think the guy who was sleeping with his step-mom repented and was restored. The pain & embarrassment that dis-fellowship [if that's a word] caused was great enough to cause repentance.
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    Onion & FB,

    I was half-joking....when reading the comments made about this passage, most people were using the context of the first 5 verses like they applied to ALL sexually immoral people who call themselves Christians. ("turning them over to Satan")

    This isn't the case....you must read further in chapter 5 to get the jest of how we should treat people who call themselves "Brothers/Sisters" in Christ and are sexually immoral.

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