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Hello! New to Oklahoma, not to this site

Discussion in 'Oklahoma Flyway Forum' started by DisplacedDuck, Nov 9, 2018 at 5:11 PM.

  1. DisplacedDuck

    DisplacedDuck Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 23, 2016
    Greetings everyone! I'm new to OK but not to Refuge Forums; I typically hang out on the habitat forum. I recently moved to OKC having temporarily resided in Texas/Louisiana with my (old) permanent residence being Missouri. I thoroughly enjoy waterfowl hunting, and have heard it can be pretty good here in the state.

    I am posting for two reasons:
    1) I don't want to know any secret spots or honey holes, nor am I even looking for in-depth analysis on specific WDUs, Refuges, etc. I just would like to know *SURFACE LEVEL* what the hunting is like in the certain areas of the state/what to expect. If anyone has experience hunting southeast Missouri you can use that as a comparison, as that's where I've done all my hunting.

    - Do the ducks tend to follow river systems or are there certain areas of the state that they pass through regardless of water bodies?

    - Does the state hold birds relatively well or is it more of a quicker pass-through state?

    - Are the distributions of species pretty similar across the board or are there more X species in one area and more Y species in a different area?

    2) I'd love to get to know folks on here, grab a bite or shoot some clays and maybe get in a hunt or two. I'm located in Oklahoma City; pm me if interested.

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