Hevi Shot Choke Tube Patterns

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    Aug 15, 2008
    Agreed Native, according to Tom Roster's chart. I wanted to put my gun to an objective test, and see what happened. What I posted is what I found.

    I was shocked by the performance (or lack therof) of Black Cloud and Hevi-Metal. I would have taken the test a bit farther to other brands and distances, but ran out of staples:( !!

    The backing of the targets was plywood. At 50 yards, there were numerous perfectly round steel hits that did not penetrate the paper, which I still counted as hits, since they were in the circle. Really showed steel's fall in velocity at longer distances.

    50 yards is a bit long for patterning, but one of our ranges is set at 50, so that's where it began. Most folks use 30-40 yards it seems.

    I have been shooting Black Cloud since Hevi-Shot became outrageously expensive. It has worked, but this season made me question it when I could see shots hitting birds, but not killing cleanly. It may have been a lack of density in the pattern, according to the test results. Or, the shooter was just a little off. When I see a bird shudder three times without going down, I get a little suspicious of my equipment. When I see a bird keep flying like nothing ever happened, I become a little suspicious of my shooting abilities;)!!

    When I saw the deal at Mack's, along with birds that were being hit without going down, I went back to Hevi shot. I had not seen prices that low in 15 years. Nice to know they work well with these chokes. Hevi shot is still hideously expensive, but I'd rather shoot once and kill a duck, than shoot three times with other ammo and watch them fly away. The math gets a little closer when the trigger gets pulled less often, and my dog is a little happier retrieving ducks versus watching them fly around.
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    Picture #3 is what I would want to shoot. Using the limitations you show in the tests.
  3. AIRBORNE6869

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    Jan 11, 2011
    When Hevi Shot first came out I was a big fan and still am of the older stuff. The newer Hevi Shot does not seem to be on par with the old shells. I used with excellent results the original Hevi Shot in 20, 12 & 10, but don't buy the new shells, not same quality.

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    How about the shot itself quality? The old stuff looked like **** but still killed. Understand they got better with the quality/roundness later on.

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