Hevi Shot???? Is It Worth The Money????

Discussion in 'Florida Flyway Forum' started by Drylock-BBB, Dec 16, 2003.

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    Dec 28, 2000
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    A lot of this is arguing apples and oranges. First Hevi -shot IS NOT for everybody in EVERY situation. IF you are shooting birds at close range(within 35 yards) is not necrssary and you are probably wasting your money with the exception of Heavy Geese which are hard to anchor even in close. If you are pass shooting and working at 40 plus yards then there is no contest. Contratry to what some people beleive, birds will not always decoy and there are situatons where the only shots you get are long shots. I don't think anybody ever claimed a 70 yard shot is normal. I certainly didn't, any the ONLY 70 yard shots we took was killing birds that had been shot(but not brougt down by steel). they were shot at 45 yards with steel # 2's . They had feathers BOIL out of them and it was appearant that they were hit hard. We shot them as they were about to clear the timber and they would have been fox food if we hadn't shot . The fact is that Hevi-Shot carries far more energy at 60 yards than steel has at 40. It will NOT make you a better shot. It won't teach you to hit ducks at 60 yards. IF it hits a duck at that range it will kill it. If steel hits a duck at that range it will cripple it,plain and simple. Hevi-shot out patterns steel and all test that have been done by independent research proves that. It is expensive and it CAN NOT be used in older guns. The manufactures are infatict that is is not to be shot in any gun not suitable for steel. While it is deanser than lead , it is TWICE as hard as steel on the diamond hardness scale. It is not a cure all, but it will hit harder and kill more birds. The rest depends on the situation.

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