High Water Table questions

Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by patj, Dec 29, 2016.

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    I have a couple of ponds that are in areas with high water tables. One is near a river. Prior to last year it had been years since it held any water. If it were full it would only be about a 1/3 of an acre. I planted millet around it the last two years but planted to late so it didn't head out, but water didn't rise enough anyway. The other area is more like a spring type area that has a low spot that is always wet. I'm not sure if water is moving at all. It is also not a large area, but I thought about trying to construct a dam near it and see if over time it will fill up. There are wells on both properties. I know the well on the first is a shallow well and not sure about the 2nd property. I'm going to take a pump down in the next week or so and try to get water out of well and check flow. My question is can you pump into these areas and have them hold water if the water in them is basically just the top of the water table? Do you have to go down a certain distance in well or be so far away? The pic is of the first pond. There were 12 mallards on it this morning. Ponderosa Pond Sep 2016.JPG
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    I would think that the most important question here would be soil type.

    If the soil type is question is predominantly clay-y or silt-y, or really any type of soil that isn't too permeable, you could pump water on the surface and it would hold unless the soil was fractured or had nonconformities.

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