Holly Heyser: a new hunter with an eye for nature

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    Holly Heyser: a new hunter with an eye for nature

    By Chris Niskanen on January 19, 2011 1:42 PM

    I have a friend, Holly Heyser, who was a crackerjack political editor here at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Some years ago, she moved to California, where she took up a new career teaching journalism at California State University in Sacramento and photographing food.

    Along the way, she became a hunter -- duck, deer, wild boar, you name it. I feel I had a bit of a hand in that, because her partner, Hank Shaw, learned to hunt while he was a political reporter here at the newspaper.

    I encouraged Hank's desire to hunt and took him on a pheasant hunting trip. And while he credits me with stoking his interest in hunting, he really deserves the credit for making it his passion.

    More: http://blogs.twincities.com/outdoors/2011/01/holly-heyser-a-new-hunter-with.html

    I 1st learned of Holly about 4 years ago when I was an Admin on onother hunting site. I read her blogs-- which were very well written and asked her to be a Mod for the womens forum on the site.

    So it is great to see her growing into one heck of an outdoors woman.

    Her blogs are a great read--both for the gals and guys. Check out the link to her blogs on the link above.

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