Honest opinions on SX4 or an A5

Discussion in 'Shooting - Reloading Forum' started by Billygoat81, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Billygoat81

    Billygoat81 New Member

    Aug 31, 2017
    Illinois river bottoms
    Im looking into replacing my tried and true SX2 this spring. The two options I’m looking into are the SX4 and the A5, both in 3.5”. I’m looking for some honest input on both guns. I haven’t had a chance to handle either yet but want to get as much info as I can before I pull the trigger on one.
  2. Wareaglebrowning

    Wareaglebrowning Refuge Member

    Jan 12, 2017
    Nw ar
    Well I can tell you a little about the A5 , being a Browning guy when I saw that they were coming out with the inertia driven gun , I waited about 2 years to see how folks liked them and see how trouble free there were, some of the early ones had probs with ejecting 3 1/2 shells , mine has been flawless 3 Seasons without a failure, I shoot only 3" shells through mine , I love the humpback , always been a fan of them, the gun fits me great and patterns well!!! Good luck !!!
  3. Dave in AZ

    Dave in AZ Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 27, 2014
    I've got an SX3 which I like. Haven't shot the A5.
    However, usually guys will have an opinion on inertia vs. gas?
    I personally would get an SX3 over an SX4, and both over the A5 for the following:
    1. cost savings
    2. same manufacturer, barrels, chokes etc.
    3. I like gas over inertia due to recoil reduction and usually a wider functional reliability range (light loads function from gas guns for off season practice, often they are not reliable in inertia, talking 7/8oz or 1oz for clays practice)

    Not huge points, just the way I'd lean. That being said, if I decided I wanted an inertia gun, the A5 would be my top choice.
  4. Farm4wildlife

    Farm4wildlife Refuge Member

    Jan 8, 2017
    Shenandoah valley
    I have sx3 and a5. Like them both. Depending on the conditions you hunt you might choose one over the other. If you are recoil sensitive I would stay away from the a5 and get an sx3. I think I would get an sx3 instead of the sx4.

    They use different chokes, the Winchester versus Browning. I will say that I have been getting better patterns from my d/s invector than the invector +. But both shot satisfactory patterns with the factory chokes.

    The recoil is really tame from the sx3.
    The a5 has been reliable tho I haven't had any issue with the sx3. Probably be better with the Winchester as it is cheaper. Today we had 5 guns in the layouts. 4 a5's and 1 sx3. The sx3 had a jam. It was sorted out and good only missing one volley. No problems from the a5's. That sx3 has a few miles on it tho.

    I think either you will be happy with.
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  5. SOILHunter489

    SOILHunter489 New Member

    Jan 8, 2018
    Southern Illinois
    Any particular reason as to why you have it narrowed down to just those two?
  6. longtooth

    longtooth Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 15, 2017
    I had the A5 ,and it did not work for me.I would suggest borrowing one and running it threw its pace's.Heck of a lot cheaper than finding out it's not for you.But,that's me ,It might be different for you,because I had such a bad experience, It will be hell and high water before I will stop commenting on it. ( No pun intended ) LOL
  7. theduckguru

    theduckguru Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 17, 2003
    With 3.5” ammo, both will dog stomp you - the A5 even more.
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  8. Tuleman

    Tuleman Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 5, 2005
    Central Kansas
    Dave's post could have been written...almost word for word....by me. :tu
  9. Rice Hunter

    Rice Hunter Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 26, 2013
    Read and heard from guys who owned them that the early 3.5" A5's were having a lot of cycling problems.

    Buddy in duck camp has a 3" A5 and loves it. Has had zero issues out of it in about a season and a half.

    Haven't read anything about the SX4 but I love my SX3. Wish I hunted it more than I do.
  10. gglenn13

    gglenn13 Refuge Member

    May 31, 2016
    Going on two seasons with my 3.5" A5 and it is a tank. Never had a jam in the field, running anything from light dove loads to 3.5" goose loads. I have been on several hunts in very cold conditions where my hunting buddies' gas guns were not functioning properly while the A5 was running without a problem. I do not think the recoil is bad at all from any shell I've fired through the gun.

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