how hard is it to get into turkey hunting?

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunters Forum' started by STEVO, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. STEVO

    STEVO Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 2, 2000
    benton, ky
    i have pretty much all the stuff that i need to hunt turkeys with. my gun is made for waterfowl and turkey sp 10, i ve got camo for spring, and friends that turkey hunt. what else do i need to get into turkey hunting full fledged. and also are the snakes as bad as what i think in the spring? i prolly goin to start hunting down at the same places that i deer hunt and duck hunt at in west tn and west ky. just let me know if i need anything else. help a beginner.

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  2. blu4runner

    blu4runner Senior Refuge Member

    Jun 9, 2000
    Stafford Va USA
    definately get a good turkey vest with an attached coshion for a seat(those tree roots get uncomfortable after a while). Snakes aren't too bad here in Va but watch out for the ticks and chiggers. I've been using duranon tick repellent for the past several years and it seems to work rather well.
  3. ACC/Boykin

    ACC/Boykin Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 9, 2001
    North Augusta, S.C.
    Stevo you got the main ingredient allready
    good friends listen to there advice and
    experience. You have got the guns and camo
    maybe get you a good box call, A Slate and
    diaphram call if you have time to practice
    with these two also visit some calling
    competitions or get you a instructional
    tape on using diffrent calls also get you
    a tape of natural turkey sounds the NWTF
    site has a good one at their online store.
    The main thing scout find the birds and try
    your best to pattern their movements for
    morning, midday, and evening. Also a good
    locator call maybe an owl for the morning
    and crow or coyote for mid morning through
    evening. Dont use calls where you plan to
    hunt before the season starts this educates
    the birds and will get them leary about coming in the next time. Use the locator only
    call during scouting. Read books and magazines on turkeys and videos will help
    some to.Turkey&Turkey hunting magazine has
    some good articles on fall and spring as
    well as turkey call magazine you get turkey
    call when you join NWTF. I have a few
    turkey call issues if you would like to
    have them I could mail them to you just give
    me a holler. Good luck this Spring.
  4. Buckeye Quacker

    Buckeye Quacker Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 4, 2000
    Hey Stevo ,
    These guys have you coverd pretty good but you'll probley also want to invest in a turkey choke for your gun .Mainly because they are just to tuff to anchor on the spot with any type of hit, you deffenatly need to consintrate on a head and neck shot.and so you need a fairly tight pattern gun and just like duck hunting you need to get out and shoot some different loads to see which is going to pattern best in your gun . I also hunt Ky, only the Eastern side and haven't seen to many snakes, but I got a pair of snake boots just the same . Turkey season the mornings are usally a little on the cool side in Ky so the snakes are still fairly inactive but if they are out it will usally be sunning themselfs in the afternoons up on the ridge tops in the rocks .
    Good safe hunting ,

  5. animalman

    animalman Senior Refuge Member

    Jul 30, 2000
    Back home again to old Goose Pond
    If you hunt LBL watch out for snakes in different areas. Timbers can be found on certain ridges, but the main thing to watch for down at LBL are ticks and chiggers. You don't just get one you get 100s. Not too much fun. Something else you have to worry about are guys that don't know what a hen sounds like and what a gobbler sound like. You will have people sneaking up on you down there all the time. Find a back field or hollow and try to get away from everybody. It can be dangerous around there if you try it. Private land is the way to go. Oh and the other thing to make you get into it is a bird gobbling his head off and it rattling the woods. What a rush!!

    Take a kid hunting start'em right

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  6. Dan Mallia

    Dan Mallia Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 4, 2000
    Defintely get a good vest to cary your gear, make sure you get a good pad to sit on to litterally save you *** when you are sitting all day, full camo, gloves and facemask.

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