I got my M! Garrand...

Discussion in 'Hunters Rights Forum' started by The Other David, May 1, 2000.

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    Apr 15, 2000
    and it's a beauty!

    Oops! Make that an M1 Garrand!

    Took less than a month from the time I ordered it. From the Civilian Markmanship Program, genuine US surplus M1 Garrand rifles. Been in storage since the 1950s, most likely.

    Check out the website, http://www.odcmp.com/, for details, but it was a piece of cake.

    You need to be a well behaved citizen, belong to an authorizing club (for me it's the MDSRPA), and qualify either thru competition or a military affiliation. If you are AD, Reserve, Guard, retired, or a former service member, you qualify! If not, you'll need to shoot some competion.

    The rifles are $400, going up to $500 on 1 June.

    I know we're duck hunters, but I'll bet some of you are also rifle shooters or want a piece of history.

    Check it out!

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