I have a ProDrive

Discussion in 'Mud Motors' started by BerettaCrews, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Jun 2, 2002
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    Jun 18, 2004
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    I keep hearing it's a ProDrive site.
    Let me inform you that it couldn't possibly be a Prodrive site as my company does all the marketing work for Gator-Tail:)

    I live right between the PD & GT shops (within about a 4 block span) and consider all the guys at PD and GT as friends. If I knew someone close to me that owned a MB, I'd probably be friends with them too.

    M M T is open to all mm owners and future ones. As for the banning, I just checked the list and out of the 588 members that we have now, there are only 2 that are banned. We sure as hell don't ban anyone because they drive a MB.

    It's not a PD site, it's my site, and everyone else's for that matter who chooses to become a member of M M T. Everyone ribs each other about what they drive, but when you go to an event, everyone gets along fine and if someone needs help, they'll get it no matter what they drive.

    Years from now everyone will be sitting back in the nursing home talking about "remember that time we used to fight about who's lawnmower engine mudmotor was better":l

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