I see where Ithaca is coming out with the new version.......

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    Aug 15, 2000
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    I have a newer (90's era I think) Ithaca 37 pump I recently added to my collection. I had been wanting a 16 for a while, but passed on the 870 because it was 12ga wingmaster retooled to be a 16, not a lighter, slimmer "true built" 16ga. I have used it for upland and plan on doing some waterfowling with it this fall. Until they recently came out with the 28ga, it completed my Model 37 set, don't know if I will ever add the 28, $$! By the way, I am 40, certainly no pup, but the 16 has never been readily available commercially durring my outdoor tenure, but I was raised by too many classic outdoorsman who never missed a chance to expound on the virtues of the 16ga. Never a doubt that I would carry one into the field! I am still on the look-out for a good old A-5 16, the gun of choice of my childhood hunting idols!
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    May 16, 2000
    .....that extols the virtues of the 16 Ga. over and above all the rest of the other Shotguns as far as ballistics, loads and patterns go.
    I have an old Stevens Single Shot 16 that my folks gave me for Christmas in 1953 that I was going to send over to Simmons at Kansas City and have a vent rib put on the barrel along with having the barrel and receiver re-blued.
    They quoted me $432.00 for the job and as much as I had always wanted to have that done it just wasn't practical on a gun that only cost about $25.00 brand new. My middle Son did a Masterful job of refinishing the stocks and I might, just MIGHT, reconsider the rib and bluing job! (us old guys get sentimental that way, ya know.);)
    I'de reckon I've killed nigh-onto a R.R. Box Car full of Quail, Pheasants, Rabbits, Duck and Geese with that old gun down thru the last 58 years and really hated to leave it standing in the closet when they forced us to quit using Lead shot for waterfowl. I still use it as my "go-to" gun for Pheasants though.

    Sorry about my ramblin' thru (us old folks do that, ya know) but yes, those old 16 Ga. Model 37's would leave a fellar wonderin' what his name was!:D

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