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Idaho Roll Call

Discussion in 'Idaho Flyway Forum' started by HaydenHunter, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. HaydenHunter

    HaydenHunter Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 4, 2000
    Hayden Lake, ID USA
    With the season drawing near, I thought it might be time for a roll call of who is on this forum. Feel free to share as much info as you want, such as who you are, what you do, kids, where you hunt, what you shoot, your boat, etc. And who have you hunted with from this forum. I'll start:

    My name is Gil.
    Not quite 50 years old.
    I live in Hayden Lake.
    I am in construction equipment sales.
    I am happily married with a boy in college and a girl in high school.
    I have been hunting for 8 years. Thus far, only waterfowl and upland birds.
    We hunt the lakes, rivers and refuges from Coeur d'Alene to the Canadian border.
    I have been a pump shotgun guy until this year - entering the wonderful world of 3.5" semi-auto shooting.
    My fleet of boats includes a canoe and BigBand's old 14' jon boat with scissor blind.
    I blow cheap double reed calls (Olt and Big River) and a DC Mallard Drake call which also does a mean widgeon.
    I have mixed Flam, Carry-Lite and G&H duck dekes and some Flam goose floaters plus 1 doz Outlaw silos.
    I picked up a black lab male pup out of Twin Falls three weeks ago. He'll be ready for the 2004-5 season. His name is Hoss because he is gonna be a big'un.
    I hunt with BigBand, grnwng, Blue Duck and hoochbart from the Refuge.
    I have also hunted southern ID for ducks and chukar with customers. I look forward to maybe catching a hunt with you guys down there.

    Have a good season and be safe!!!
  2. jbon

    jbon Refuge Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Post Falls, Idaho
    I started to take part on the refuge last year even though I hadn't yet gotten into hunting waterfowl locally. I did take my son, Jake who is 14, on a trip to Iowa for a great mallard shoot last Thanksgiving. He is now addicted, a DU member, blows a pretty good Winglock short-reed, and can't wait for the opener.
    My name is John, I am also fast approaching the 1/2 century mark, and live in Post Falls. I have lived here for 16 years, and came from the cornfields of Iowa- really miss that quality pheasant hunting. After moving out here, I put down my Remington 870 and picked up a flyrod. Now my son and I are becoming hunting partners. We don't have a duck boat or a dog for this season but we will be looking for both in the future. We have started to assemble a small spread of decoys- mallard and pintail floaters, mallard and honker Outlaws, honker windsocks which we custom painted, flag, kite, etc. We would really like to get into some geese this season so please keep us in mind if you have space on one of your hunts. It would be nice to actually meet some of you guys and we would make sure to bring plenty of donuts. Have a great season, be safe, and try to pick out the ones with green heads.
  3. Woodduck31

    Woodduck31 Elite Refuge Member Sponsor

    Jun 15, 2003
    my name is Caleb
    I am 15 years old
    I live in south east Boise
    I am a sophomore at Timberline High School
    I love to play baseball, and fly fish, but most of all i like to
    hunt deer, turkey, ducks, quail, pheasants, chukar, blue-ruff-sage grouse
    i dont have a boat or a dog:(
    I have about 60 or 70 decoys!!!:D
    I hunt with DownThePipe, and Discoduk
    hope everyone has a great, and safe season!!!

    good luck yall

  4. seal

    seal Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 14, 2002
    My name is Mark. I am 33 and I operate a concrete construction business. We do residential and light commercial work. Have lived in the Boise are for 33 years. I have hunted and fished for just about everything that Idaho has to offer but have recently gave up everything but fly fishing and waterfowling. Next season I think I will pick up bow hunting. Before the refuge I hunted 100% on private ground on the Payette River. Since coming on the refuge I have been introduced to "different kinds of hunting and have enjoyed it. I have hunted with Pinman, Goldeneye, jaeger 19, Idahopineapple, and robbob980. I have found them all to be great guys and learned something from each one of em. I have shot an 11-87 for about 8 years but have recently fell in love with the Nova:D My 11-87 never left the gun case in Canada:( I have ran the gauntlet on calls. Going from DC double reeds to custom made single reeds and back to DC/Haydel calls. I used nothing but G&H decoys until about 3 years ago. I started using the feather flex decoys and plan on buying a setup of GHG mallards, widgeons, and maybe some goose floaters. 2 kids (Mason 5 and Morgan 8). Last but not least.......I have a stubborn 4 year old Chessie bitch. We have one of those love-hate relationships:l
  5. HaydenHunter

    HaydenHunter Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 4, 2000
    Hayden Lake, ID USA
    jbon, you will need to sweet talk hoochbart if you want to get into good North Idaho goosin' :D .
  6. IFSteve

    IFSteve Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 16, 2002
    Hi fellow fugers. My name is Steve and as you can see I hail from Idaho Falls. Been living here for 27 years. Less than a year from the half century mark but still "run" around the soccer field as a ref for High School. I am an engineer by profession and work at the INEEL in order to support my insane flyfishing and bird hunting habits.:D

    Have a wonderful wife and two teenage boys. The oldest is more the athlete in the family while the younger is the fisher/hunter/sporting clays shooter.

    Have a 18 ft Nitro bass boat for flyfishing lakes and an Outlaw ducker for the marsh. Looking hard at a jet or mudbuddy boat to round out the collection.

    Shoot a Beretta 391 at waterfowl and an 687 Silver Pigeon II for sporting clays. Various other O/U for upland game.

    Primary Calls: SMH for goose (ok I can make some sounds that are kinda like a goose :nutz ) and an RNT original acrylic for ducks.

    Hunt primarily the Fort Hall Res, the Sanke, and Mud and Market Lakes.

    Lets see what else is there...oh year my favorite beer is one thats cold (and not Bud or Coors:p )

    IDLABS Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 31, 2000
    Im Jake I live several different places depending on the time of year. I work all over the valley part time and go to sunvalley as much as I can to work with a pro trainer. I did rodeo for quit a few years in the PRCA. Steer wrestling. I have being training retrievers since I graduated in 95 working for different trainers along the way. I enjoy hunting with a good dog and running hunt test and next year hope to start on some field trials and someday I want to start my own kennel but I first want to learn as much as I can. I love hunting ducks, geese and deer and elk and out of state with other friends. I shoot a old 1100 a beretta, a SKB 20 gauge or a wing master. I have a pile of decoys but usually don't use half. I hunt private property mostly and I enjoy the company of several great retrievers. Most of my hunting is right out the back door. I use a RNT short barrel and a bill saunders goose call. I like the dog forum but also like to see whats going on around hear. I have learned alot and I think Ive become a better hunter since Ive joined the refuge. Just when I thought I new everything.
  8. jaeger19

    jaeger19 Elite Refuge Member

    Jul 15, 2002
    Parma idaho
    I live in Parma Id. Started trapping when I was little with my Grandpa on his NY farm when I was "knee high to a grasshopper". Been shooting since the age of six and hunting since 12. When I wasn't in college getting "edukated" I was hunting and fishing. Had my own business as a traveling PT and during a contract in Boise ( trying to catch the tail end of the snowboard season) fell in Love with Idaho. Been almost seven years now. I hunt about 72 -90 days a year. All birds (except one day hunting deer last year). Lately my two boys, age 2 and 6 months have curtailed some of my outdoor pursuits so I've turned my attention to raising beef. Still dog train professionally but don't play doggie games anymore. I hunt exclusively with a browning lightning feather 20 ga. I have two dogs currently, a shorthair and a griffon.
  9. BBBGoose

    BBBGoose Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    Blackfoot, Idaho
    John 33 years old from Blackfoot Idaho, married a Idaho girl and agreed to move here for the outdoors( no mistake made) I'm a Respiratory Therapist and have a 7 0n 7 off schedule. So I take occasion to hunt lots of things usually with my bow and then of course ducks and geese. I have no boat but plan on getting one in the next year or so. I am a callmaker and so I use my own calls. I have a browning BPS pump that I've shot for 10 years but plan on getting a Stoeger auto 2000. I haven't hunted with anyone from the fuge yet but plan on hooking up with a few before seasons out.
  10. Vickman

    Vickman Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 17, 2003
    Nampa, ID
    Hi, my name is Mike and I live in Nampa. You don't know me as I usually lurk this site. I have never hunted with anyone on this site that I'm aware of. I am 48, married with one daughter that's 8 and a handful. I just lost my hunting buddie (dog) this past weekend, although expecting it, it's still kinda rough you know. This makes the up coming season an iffy thing without a dog (probably field hunt this season). The last 2 1/2 yrs I've spent getting a college degree and was looking forward to this season. I've hunted in and around the SW Idaho for 29 years for waterfowl but consentrate mostly on geese. I have a 14' Valco with 15 hp Johnson. I recently sold most of my dec's and changed brands. Geese dec's are 2 dz Higdon 3/4 body motion stackables (new), 1/2 dz BF floaters, 3 dz silos home made (coroplast), and soon 1 dz life size GHG mallards. I shoot an 870 30 yrs young and reload my own steel duplex loads. Days off are Thurs. thru Sun. noon and everyother Wed. Can be reached at , have a great season!

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