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Discussion in 'Idaho Flyway Forum' started by HaydenHunter, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. IdahoLabs

    IdahoLabs Senior Refuge Member

    Jul 16, 2003
    SE Idaho
    My name is Claire and I'm 16.
    I have two Labs, a yellow (6y/o) and a chocolate (3y/o), both females. Both with CGC certs...not as good as those SH and MH titles some of you other folks have but it's a good start. =)
    I've got another dog coming next weekend - BLM pup out of a show/field cross. He'll be my HT/obedience prospect.
    I hunt ducks some - but mostly just handle the dogs when Dad and Brother go hunting. :nutz Also hunt deer, elk and antelope, but the only critters I've ever shot were antelope. Got a 6" buck last year which was pretty good size for the area we were hunting in. LOL.
    I was in dog 4-H about 5 years, took Top Obedience at county fair 2 years, Top Obedience at Eastern Idaho State Fair once, and 2nd place at State Fair once. Missed first by one point and it was a handler error. =(
    I also like to ride horses - but not the way most of you folks are used to. LOL. I ride English. You know, jump fences, dressage and all? ;) I've got a big bay gelding that's my main English horse, but I'm also working with a 4y/o roan colt that's being real good lately, but he can turn on a dime and I've come off more than once. LOL. Not sure who's teaching who here.
    I've raised calves for several years but I don't think I'll be bottle-feeding dairy calves this fall. I've got a litter of pups planned for this winter and that's enough work. My mentor is a show breeder (who runs HTs too), so I've been through the mill a few times and now I've got hip/elbow/eye clearances on breeding stock. :l
    I also have a few sheep - and a few too many too; anyone looking to buy a few Suffolk ewes? LOL.
    And I'm also homeschooled, play the piano decently - I'm also our church pianist-, occasionally design websites, and I think that covers almost everything I do or like to do. *chuckle*

    I don't think I've met anyone on the forum yet - although some of you folks may know/have seen me. Anyone go to the HT in Roberts in early May? I ran the chocolate test dawg for the water series. (Yeah, the one that didn't deliver to hand. :l )

    I'm not real busy this fall so if anyone up this way wants to go train or hunt I'd love to come along. =)
  2. BigBand

    BigBand Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 11, 2002
    North Idaho
    Well, heck, here's my contribution.

    My name is Bill. I'm 55 and live in N. Idaho, close to Coeur d'Alene. I'm married to Katherine (don't dare call her Kathy :p ) for 22 years, and my son Chad is 29 and used to hunt with me until he moved up to Colorado.

    I shoot a Benelli Nova, and usually make wierd duck sounds on an old Olt DR-115 (darn - why'd they have to go out of business!?). I've been duck hunting fro about 24 years, and it just seems to be getting worse as time goes by.

    I work as a printed circuit board designer for a high-tech company in Spokane, and do some of that on the side as well.
    Speaking of 'on the side', I keep busy with a few other things too.

    My alias "BigBand' refers to my passion for big band music. I play trombone in the Tuxedo Junction Big Band (, as well as being their business manager. My other side endeavors are a custom outdoor furniture business (, and I'm running for Fire Commissioner in the upcoming elections in November.

    Whew! I'm tired just writing all that down!

    Anyway, this forum has been a great source of information for me, as well as meeting a bunch of great guys. Sometimes I can get Hayden Hunter, Greenwing, Blue Duck or Hoochbart to let me hunt with them, and I have a ball . . . . .they just put up with me!
  3. bandhungrie

    bandhungrie Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 1, 2002
    BANDHUNGRIE, realy when I came up with the name, I thought that was how you spelled it

    Michael Plein, 28 years old, and it all about the aluminum. I blow a RNT MVP in comp, and in the corn. Super X2 all the way. Waterfowl is the only thing that I do, "shooting a deer is like shooting a cow, ya know what I mean." Phil Robertson, one of those movies, I have them all.

    Married, then DIVORCED, true love, I cant figure how to put it on hold for 4 months in the winter.

    I have a son and a daughter, Shelby and RYan, both have been retreiveng waterfowl on Dry land since the ripe age of 1 and a half years old, It was funny watching each of them drag a goose back to the pit. Now I cant even pull a bird out of the truck with out them going crazy, they always want to check for bands. Prioritys you know.

    I work at Sportsmans Warehouse in Twin, and go to school full time, Paramedic Course at CSI.

    I started the Southern Idaho Waterfowl Assoc. but time is limited I probabley should have started it after I was through with school, but I never listen.

    I have stong intentions and even stronger oppinions, I have been known to be about as voicefull, and creative as they come. Seal, Jeager19, and who ever else I may have ercked, we'll be ok.

    Originally from Illinois, and hunting ducks and geese since I was old enough to hold on to grandads shoulders as he drug me through the Timber into the blind. I think it was 10. I killed my first band when I was 14, with the help of my girlfriend who was 16 and drove me out to the creek, where she sat and witnessed the whole drama unfold, couldnt tell you where she is now. Now that was love....

    Anyway thats my story, and Im Sticking to it.

    Michael Plein
  4. perch head

    perch head Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 31, 2002
    N Idaho
    My name is Steve and I am 50 years old and live in Bonners Ferry. I have been hunting waterfowl for about 35 years, starting in N Dak and then the Gooding Hagerman area for 6 years then N Id. I blow a Carlson for ducks and a Tim Grounds half breed for geese. I hunt out of a 17 foot lowe and I don't really own very many decoys. I have a 4 year old BLF that I do the hunt test stuff with during the spring and summer. I am headed to S Dak. in three days to pheasant hunt. My favorite birds are late season ducks that have the excellent colors and pheasants.
  5. idhuntr

    idhuntr Guest

    My name is Larry, I'm 33, live just outside of Roswell, near Parma for those that don't know. Own a couple of acres out here. I work as a exec manager for U-Haul. I've live here for a couple of years now, before I was in the military, for about 10 years.
    I'm an Idaho native, born and raised. I was married, divorced. I've only been duck hunting for three years now, and am hooked. I just started to venture out onto the snake river to hunt. I just need to get the gremlin out of my boat motor. I hunted Ft Boise, WMA, didn't take long to realize its a joke. Reminds me of combat fishing for salmon in the Kenai river in Alaska, shoulder to shoulder for as far as the eyes can see. I'm still trying to find that one special call, but for now I use a Primos $15 call. Seems to work so far. I shoot a nova, cheap, accurate and dependable.
    First year I bagged my limit on my first day, got a banded malard and a drake woody. Waiting on the taxider to finish that one. Beginners luck and a good teacher.
    I have a son, 8, going on 15, that is just itching to get his first duck. Gettin pretty good on the callin' though.
    Last year I started hunting with my black lab, "Jade". This year she won't be hunting at all as she's got bone cancer and the vet says its terminal. So my son named our boat after her. She has given us more that any one dog could.
    Anyway, I have yet to meet anyone from here and hope some day to run into one or more of ya.
    Larry Marten
  6. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 18, 2000

    Welcome and let me say I am sorry to hear about Jade, I lost a dog to cancer myself just when he was in his prime, still hurts to think about.

    I do some hunting over their by Roswell, PM me sometime and maybe we could hook up for a hunt.

  7. hoochbart

    hoochbart Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 3, 2002
    coeur d'alene, id

    Sorry to hear about our dog. I lost a good dog to cancer at 6 years old. Know how your feel.:(
  8. CAMMO

    CAMMO Guest

    My name is Tim Acevez and I live in Payette, ID. I was born and raised here in Payette. I am a 3rd generation native and think that is some thing to be proud of. I am 43 years old and started hunting when I was about 12. I hunt Deer and Elk with a bow and upland game as well. My passion is goose hunting. I drive Triples for UPS and am retired from the US ARMY. I have been married for 23 years and have 2 boys age 18 and 20. Locally I hunt Idaho and Oregon and go to Washington once a year on the Flocknocker Hunt. If you go to Pacific Wings web site we are the ones in the picture on the home page. I spend most of my time either Hunting, get ready to Hunt or talking about hunting. I am looking foward to this season and hopefully will run accross some of you guys in the field. GOOD LUCK.

    Gear I use:
    Hard cores and big feet
    Final approach blinds
    yellow labs
    SMH and Saunders calls.

    BULL WACKER Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 20, 2003
    MY name is Dale I live in Sandpoint, and Iam 34. Lived here for 4 years now by way of Caldwell, Id. and Muscatine IA. got back into duck hunting when living in Iowa, my last year there hunting pool 15 we did 389 ducks, and 3 geese from our river blind. I shoot a Berreta pintail, one of the first to hit the rack. use a carlson call, and have 5 doz. mallard blocks. I just put down my hunting partner of 10 years LADY, a springer span., she had cancer. I am now in the market for a Lab. I hunt mainly around Pend Oreile, and occasionaly kootenai refuge.
  10. HaydenHunter

    HaydenHunter Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 4, 2000
    Hayden Lake, ID USA
    Welcome, Bull Wacker. Us North Idaho boys hunt in the places you mentioned. There are six of us guys on this Forum that have hunted together and socialized together. I don't know whether you are new to Sandpoint or not, but if you want to get out sometime, give us a shout.

    You looking for a lab that is pedigreed up the yin-yang, or do you not much care about that?

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