Is it safe to hunt alone?

Discussion in 'Diver Hunters Forum' started by Irish eyes, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Irish eyes

    Irish eyes Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 21, 2015
    i posted this question in my state the forum more to ask for a hunting partner.
    I am just short of 70 years old and hunt open water for divers and sea ducks. I find myself hunting alone a lot. I am retired and have moved away from my old hunting buddies. The other day I had out a sea duck rig and had a hell of a time picking up, got real windy and was hard to control the boat and pick up decoys.
    I realized as the boat was drifting past the decoys that I probably could not out swim the speed of the drift. If I fell over I was doomed. I was using that post as a search for partners to hunt during the week. Being retired is great but sometimes it is hard to find someone to hunt with. My wife and a friend who is in the Coast Guard would both like me to always hunt with a partner.
    I always wear a life jacket when then boat is running , but that just makes it easier to find the body. Any suggestions for making life safer out there? Hate to give it up just because I can't find someone to hunt with.
  2. Ringbill

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    Jul 8, 2000
    Squaw Lake,MN USA
    Though I'm not hunting the Sea, heck I just sold my 18 ft Lund Alaskan with a 60 hp tiller----so I'm no longer even hunt big water any longer. Retired like you & lacking enough hunting buddies, I too hunt alone quite a lot now. I've been wearing a life jacket when motoring too, & I'm even more careful of when & where I hunt alone & have a cellphone & GPS. I will sometimes pickup a little earlier if the wind is kicking up, or late in the day, & i'll also wait until light if the conditions may warrant it in the early morning.
    All in all, just being more conscientious & safe is easier than finding new hunting buddies at our age----not to say we needn't keep an ear & eye open!
    I've had family concerned too, but like I tell them----it's more important to ME--- that I continue to hunt, so if I do die while out duckin'---for whatever reason, I'm very happy & content.

  3. no harm-no fowl

    no harm-no fowl Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 9, 2007
    I'm sure you could find someone to hunt with, put an add on Craigslist. Then interview the people who respond. Find someone younger to go. There are nice guys out there that would jump at the chance. Just mare sure they can go as much as you want to, or fine 2 guys to switch off going.
  4. seaduckhunt

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    Mar 11, 2000
    Sea duck hunting New England, MA, RI
    I've given your post a lot of thought. On the one hand, is it safe, at your age, at any age? Sea ducking is on nice days not much of a problem if you know what you are doing, but on bad days, heck, your life is at your hands, regardless how old you are. Now, would I stay home, at your age? Honestly, if I had mobility, and some of my strength that I have now, heck yes, I would go out. Hate to say it, but if I had to go, I could not think of another place to do so... The sea has been near me all my life, my lively hood comes from it, I would rather not go that way, but I can think of worse ways to do so....

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