Is this anti-opiate pain pill prescription prohibition designed to kill the chronically ill?

Discussion in 'Political Action Forum' started by Bear, Aug 31, 2017.

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    Eh, just the "whitefish" in the septic tank, I reckon... :nutz
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    Most of us have no desire to use them, never understood the reason why people who are not in pain would want to take them. That said, some of this goes back to our changing society where instant gratification is the norm. Bear and others like him who don't have surgical options need them. Others as it has been shown are given way to many for minor issues. Daughter had a cut that needed stiches and they gave her RX script for 30 Oxy! She never filled it! Picked up another RX the other day and the gal at the RX asked her if she wanted that old prescription filled before it expired!

    I have an aunt with pain issues, she is in her late 80s and is addicted to them. Doc said taking her off them would be cruel with her age. There is no real clear answer to this, but changing import rules to avoid some of the stuff being shipped in for animals and the like would be a start.

    Had an overdose victim locally that almost cost one of the rescue workers his life. Some for of phenytenol (ms) so lethal that she was overdosing due to it being air borne. Her partner had to use the shot to save her. This stuff was shipped into the US via China legally.
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    One word: Addiction. Most Rx pill addiction doesn't start with experimentation it starts with the good guy in the white coat.
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    Perhaps instead of just here ya go there should be some form of monitoring in place for problems arising.

    As API said...all pain is relative both individually and culturally.

    Had an ER Doc friend who said one culture would come in by ambulance wailing in pain for extremely minor aspirin/Tylenol level issues. Eventually responding to them was..."Oh brother."

    However if an Asian woman walked in holding her hand over her stomach and saying she hurt it was stop the presses she's probably got a ruptured gut.

    Anyway...I am of the opinion proper management of both pain and distribution should be put in effect.

    That said and as stated by others too along with my original thesis question there are a lot of forces at play...some countermanding/conflicting that impact this issue. I also believe this should be addressed and managed on the state level not the catch all one size fits all Federal level.
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