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Kayak for duck hunting sloughs

Discussion in 'Boats, Blinds, & Gadgets Forum' started by Sunklands, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. The Mad Duck

    The Mad Duck Elite Refuge Member

    Jul 4, 2001
    Keep an eye out on craigslist for and Ocean Kayak "Ambush" model. I have hunted myself, a 90lb Lab and a dozen decoys comfortably. It is 14 feet and 44 inches wide. Its a heavy kayak,but easy to paddle. I have had that kayak out in the Albermarle sound in NC in 3 foot seas and was still very safe, a bit wet,but safe. This isnt mine,but it will give you an idea of the hull shape. There is a built in mount for a trolling motor ,and, a battery hatch in the back


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  2. Mallardmisser

    Mallardmisser Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 14, 2008
    Mallard marine is back in business. I have a marsh rat magnum and a 4 rivers teal chaser. Great little boats. They track ok when paddled, and the marsh rat magnum offers a transom. My buddy and I paddle 4/10 of a mile to get to our spot. I asked him what’s he weigh 280? He said “I’ll take that” So I’m guessing he’s 300+. End of the year we broke ice in them. They weigh about 80lbs so they’re not light, but they are really stable...and with their blind, the are nearly invisible...
  3. tcc

    tcc Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 13, 2006
    Built a few hybrids several years ago; paddled like a friggin barge but were very effective and quite fun to hunt out of.
  4. Tailfeathers

    Tailfeathers Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Wow, Thats one stout looking kayak. High sided and kick arse!:tu
  5. Duck_Hunter_TX

    Duck_Hunter_TX Elite Refuge Member Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2017
    Fort Worth
    I bought a Field and Stream Eagle Talon 12 footer, which was designed for fishing, but it came camo colored. It is a sit on top, has a rear storage well with a net to secure gear, anchor rigging and some rod holders. Also has a hatch up front that runs the length of the boat. Not the fastest or most nimble, but it works. I’ve never hunted out of it.

    It weighs about 70 unloaded, but has a 500 lb capacity. One of the things recommended by experienced kayak anglers is to get a boat with a much higher weight capacity than just your weight and the gear you THINK you will carry with you. Is it overkill? Yes, but the thinking is you’d rather have more carrying ability than less.

    I bought mine at Dick’s five years ago (that’s the only play that sells them). They were having a Memorial Day sale and it was $450. Great value for everything that came with it and I’m very happy with the boat.

    I know Dick’s sucks now, but it is a good kayak.

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