Kinetic Energy

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    If ya'll didn't know already, here's a real easy way to figure how much KE your arrows generate.

    It will always vary at different ranges because of the decrease in fps as the arrow travels down range. If you know your arrow weight in gr. and you know your velocity in fps then your set:tu

    I shoot a 300gr arrow at 295 fps, so using this equation-

    KE=Weight x Velocity/2 divided by 450,240

    300 x (295 x 295) divided by 450,240 = 57.9857 ft/lbs

    So roughly I have 58 ft/lbs of KE

    To get the max performance from a mech broadhead you really need to be at 53 - 55

    With fixed blades anything above 45 will do the trick.

    All that is based on medium game like deer/antelope.

    Hope that may be of some help:tu
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    Cool info, it is a good thing I shoot fixed blades then. I'll have to figure out how much KE my arrow has at impact from 30 yards. I'll set up my chrono and shoot thru it and see what I get from that yardage.

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