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Lake Lowell

Discussion in 'Idaho Flyway Forum' started by Bird Boy, Sep 18, 2000.

  1. Bird Boy

    Bird Boy Guest

    How is the hunting at Lake Lowell? Is using a float tube a good way to get into the birds? How is the hunting pressure out their? What about C.J. Strike? Fort Boise? I also heard about an area up near Emmett on the Payette River. What about in the Kuna area? I am new to the area and am looking for a place to hunt. Does any one want a hunting partner? I have about 5 dozen duck and goose decoys and am very ethical and a good caller.
  2. Peregrine

    Peregrine Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 11, 2000
    Southwest Idaho, USA
    I haven't hunted much at most of those places, so I can't help a whole lot, but I'll tell you what I do know.

    Lake Lowell has varied amounts of pressure. Like most spots, weekdays are lighter. I haven't hunted there for a few years, but drive by the parking areas several times during the season. I would guess that a float tube would be an excellent way to get to the right spot. I don't know how the hunting is; since parts of the lake is closed to access, the ducks know where they're safe. The lake holds LOTS of ducks though.

    All I know about CJ Strike is that on the few times I've hunted in that area, there are a lot more birds there than West of Boise, where I do almost all my hunting.

    You might check out the Ted Trueblood WMA South of Mountain Home. I don't know anything about it, but it looked good when I drove by.

    I'm not sure how near Emmett you're talking about, but near the little town of New Plymouth downstream of Emmett is the Payette River WMA. It used to be good hunting, but it seems the last 3-4 years the bird counts in all of the Payette River valley have plummetted. The last few times I hunted that river, seeing 10 ducks in a day was a big day.

    If you want more, better, information, I suggest you call the Nampa F&G office 465-8465 and ask to talk to Dan Papp. He's really into waterfowl hunting and probably would be willing to give you some pointers.

    I usually do most of my hunting alone. However, I'm sure we could get together at some point during the season. dkhntin, IDBrian, and I have also discussed getting together an 'Idaho Refuge Gang" hunt sometime this season. Watch this forum for further notes.


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  3. IDBrian

    IDBrian Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 13, 2000
    Kuna, Idaho, USA
    Lake Lowell can be fun to hunt with a float tube IF the water is up high enough to flood the brush and willows around the South side of the lake. Be prepared to get real cold though. I haven't been out there lately to see what the water level is like. Weekends are pretty crowded. I always hunted from Public Access #6. Get there early, early. I always had the best luck when the water was way down and we would set a temp. blind out on the shoreline in the mud. You can wade out a long ways. I haven't hunted out there for the last two years due to overcrowded conditions. The Ted Trueblood WMA near Grandview that Peregrine suggested can be excellent hunting at times. The ponds are pretty shallow and you can wade most of them. I haven't hunted CJ Strike but I have friends that do really well there with a boat. I don't even waste my time at Ft. Boise on the weekends. It is totally rediculous. If you can hunt during the week there is a couple of decent spots there though. I know this isn't very encouraging but your best bet is to do lots of scouting and try and find places that are harder to get to (along the Boise river maybe??). The more you can hunt during the week the better off you will be. I believe there are a lot more birds around CJ STrike but just haven't spent enough time over there to know what opportunities are there. Like Peregrine said, we are going to try and put together an Idaho Gang hunt sometime this season. Good Luck.
  4. Blue Duck

    Blue Duck Elite Refuge Member

    Jul 25, 2000
    Hayden, Idaho, USA
    The Idaho gang hunt sounds like a good idea. I would try to make it......
  5. bbpheasant

    bbpheasant Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 19, 2000
    Hi all! First time posting on this site. I'm still new to duck hunting (about 4 seasons now) but love it enough to know I'll be doing it for life! Anyway, Birdboy, I'm active duty Air Force and live at Mountain Home AFB. I have hunted Ted Trueblood WMA (Grandview, Id) many times and it is an excellent spot for walking in. There are slow days but most put at least 5 greenheads in the bag. Action really picks up when the cold season hits. The best times to hunt there are during the week, as weekend hunts require getting there EARLY to get a good spot. Sometimes, I get rained on by other hunters-it gets crowded. There are 3 ponds with the upper and lower ponds open. The middle pond is posted but I never see many ducks on it anyway. All 3 ponds are a few hundred yards away from the Snake River so water circulation keeps the upper pond from completely freezing over. The lower pond freezes over by December but sometimes thaws a few spots. Me? I'll break ice if I have to. There is also a small slough that for some reason doesn’t attract many hunters. I limited 2X on it. The river seems to be a flyway to the ponds from the many farm fields surrounding Grandview. I’ve been there mornings and evenings when the sky has thousands of Northerns flocking in. Mostly mallards here, some ringnecks, shovlers and an occasional goldeneye. Some friends of mine hunt CJ Strike but you need a boat. They say the action is great. Again, it gets crowded. I have no experience at CJ Strike. I do know that the large water brings in the flocks and they settle in other spots surrounding CJ Strike. The WMAs along the Snake River near Bruneau (About 2 miles North from CJ Strike boat ramp-Jacks’s Creek) produce well, especially early season. There are mazes of sloughs to hunt if you have a boat. There are also walk in spots. One pond is really great and doesn’t seem to attract many hunters. You can walk the WMA for hours and jump shoot ducks and maybe bag a few pheasants. Before the freeze, many small ponds attract ducks about an hour before shooting time ends. I’ve seen all species mentioned above here plus gadwalls, hooded merganser, and a couple of canvasbacks. Back in Bruneau, you can bush whack in to the Bruneau River and get mostly mallards but I’ve seen Wood ducks as well. Never got one though-fast little suckers! Canada Geese can be seen at all the areas I wrote about. My more experienced friends do OK but as I hear it, you need to get on private land to do well. I only have a ½ dz geese decoys, mostly for confidence but have had singles show interest. Still, never shot one yet! I would be glad to show you around and share a hunt with you in exchange for some goose hunting tips. Any others are welcome as well. Good luck to you all! Keep it safe and take a friend or child with you!

    "Let the steel fly"

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