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Discussion in 'New England Flyway Forum' started by rjbadfish, Nov 10, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2006
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    We are very lucky to have vast amounts of public land for waterfowl hunting in New England. In that vast expanse, most everyone has a favorite spot, honey hole or ?X?.

    Every season we go through the same issues when somebody ?Spot Burns? a public spot. Although there are no rules here at the refuge to prohibit these posts, I propose that we all use a little common sense and common courtesy when it comes to giving out locations, reports etc? We are a very helpful group here and most guys and gals here would not think of crowding someone?s favorite area. The problem arises with all of the non-registered folks who come here with the sole purpose of internet scouting.

    If someone is requesting information on a particular area, please consider sending the OP a private message if you wish to share the information.

    For those looking for info on a particular area in New England, please consider wording your request such as ? I am looking for an Eider hunt in central Vermont? Anyone with info, please PM??

    Having lost spots in the past due to loose lips or reckless typing, I understand those who feel victimized by the offending posts. Let everyone work as hard to find the ducks as we have?
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