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Manitoba Mud - Nov. 3 - 6 - VIDEO

Discussion in 'Canadian Hunters Forum' started by backwater1, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. backwater1

    backwater1 Elite Refuge Member Sponsor

    Mar 31, 2003
    Last week we headed to Manitoba with intentions of hitting the last push of ice up birds in Canada. As you guys know it's been incredibly warm and the trip turned into a sloppy MOP-fest as the mobs were still there in force with virtually no pressure.

    We get asked all the time if straight windsock/silhouette spreads really kill and finish birds....our answer is it all boils down to've just got to see it work once and you'll turn into a believer. We've been doing it for years and this last week is just another great example.

    This is one of my favorite videos we've done with some great decoying action! I suggest finding some time to pull it up on the big screen and watch as we chase wads of lessers, swarms of mallards, and hoards of giant Canadas across Southern Manitoba....using nothing but White Rock Windsock and Silhouette Decoys!

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  2. bang you'r dead

    bang you'r dead Canada Forum Mod. Eh! Moderator Flyway Manager

    Apr 9, 2003
    The Pas Manitoba
    And still no snow a week later and 400 miles north. I saw more birds in your video than I saw in last 2 years. (insert grumpy cat here) . From the rolling hills, it must have been around Minnedosa , which is supposed to have good birds again.

    You should all only load 1 shell at a time to make it last longer.

    I'll even add a testimonial. I had one day when I slept in, and had only 1 hour to drive to the field , set up, and snow goose hunt. I was loaded up and got to the field about 20 minutes before LST. I put 60 white rocks under my arm and ran an arm down one direction and back, grabbed another 60 and did another arm, set up my blind and a few flyers and silouettes, parked my truck, and still made it back to get the snows when they came in. By far the easiest decoy to set up and pick up and store. I get 120 in a single rubbermaid container.
  3. Glades Ranger

    Glades Ranger Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 8, 2011
    Wonderful! Thank you! Saw my first aythya collaris this past weekend! Send the cold and grey clouds this way!

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