MB 23 Vanguard ?

Discussion in 'Mud Motors' started by rmk800, Jan 17, 2008.

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    I have done business with both Glenn and Robert. Both of them have done exactly what they have promised, delivered quality product, I am happy with.:tu

    As for Rail, it is pretty simple to see, if you can read and know anything about MFG. Tons of MFG's OEM a version, and have a licensed (contract version) that is different to another company, thus I don't see the problem with Glenn's statement.

    Oh, that's right you would argue with Glenn if he said the sun rose in the east, because that's what you do.:tu
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    You answered it yourself. The R&D has been done on the vast majority of components, by guys like Performance Vtwins, Extreme Vtwins and Arc racing just to name a few.

    All the MM manufacturer has to do is find the right combination of components for his application that is their R&D. Very similiar to what the average guy does when he builds up his hot rod, stock car or harley.
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    Yes, you're right Auto.. Just as MB did with Hodges when they purchased the rights to the cam, rods, pistons and roller rockers for use in the marine industry... They now own the OEM rights to those parts from that supplier.. On the other hand, they don't own OEM rights on labor.. If that was the case then anyone that did any head work even similar to that of Hodges would have to pay a royalty to MB.. You can't OEM labor.. You design your own components, purchase the rights to components or design your own parts in order to own absolute rights to them.. Think of it like this, if I was to send a motor to Mike and Robert and have them modify it, would it then mean YOU couldn't have them do the same to yours?.. Now if I contract someone to design and make rockers, cam etc and then purchased the parts and send them to Extreme I would have rights to that motor build when using those parts.. You're only option is to hope that Extreme would go to other sources and have similar parts made and purchase from them otherwise you would be paying me to have them build your engine.. MB/BPS hasn't done this... They asked Extreme to build a motor and they did.. The motor achieved 32hp by head work (labor) not cams, roller rockers etc that were refered to in an earlier post.. Again, labor isn't something that you can OEM unless an agreement is struck that says Extreme will never do head work for any motor unless it was sent to them via MB/BPS.. In which case Mike has already made it clear that will never happen.. Hence, this argument is a mute point.. They've already said they won't sell the license to parts they've already had designed either and they won't sell labor rights.. On the other hand, if they were to sell the headwork rights, there are hundreds of speed/machine shops around the country that can do the same thing for a guy.. One other thing to think about.. Touting heads done by Al as trademaked "Pro Flo" heads is a little sketchy.. Ya see Pro Flo is already TM'd and it has nothing to do with lawn mower engine heads done by a guy in NC..


    There are also several other companies that employ the Pro Flo name to include motorcycle performance sites and a flow bench system..

    If MB/BPS decided to use performance parts from Al that they purchased rights to and then sent to Extreme for assembly then they would have the right to call that a MB motor built by Extreme.. On the other hand, it takes about 1.5 hours to strip a new motor and install the parts so why pay $80/hr shop rates when you can hire a person for $10/hr to do it right at the MB facility?.. The only upside to an outside contract is if Extreme were the ones willing to warranty the work and MB/BPS didn't want that liability..

    If you'll read back you see that I haven't argued with Glenn on this.. I questioned his post regarding what work was done to accomplish the 32hp and that was confirmed but the company that did the work.. I then thought it was funny that in the same post he said he would never ask Extreme to OEM a motor but then said he would.. I thought that was funny.. I guess you missed the humor in it..

    In the end, I'm done arguing.. Trying to impress a point is always met with resistance and hatred.. It was cold as a witch's ho ha on Sat so I was home bound.. I'm over it now.. :l

    Enjoy the rest of the day.. Peace.. :tu
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    Man, you guys sure do get all worked up about a lawn mower motor:sp :sp :sp Sure can tell duck seasons over when the bickering all starts:z :z :z

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