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MD DNR Laws that make you go hmmmmm

Discussion in 'Chesapeake Flyway Forum' started by Duckshot69, May 7, 2005.


    MUDDYPATUX Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 4, 2002
    Lothian MD
    I'll try to be brief :yes
    We have SOoo many hunting opportunities hear in the FREE STATE I can't possibly take advantage of them all. Simply making a suggestion and expecting results in your favor whether or not your suggestion is agreed to by the majority is (the poll shows it is not) tunnel vision.

    I personally love the October split and we bag a nice variety of birds during the Oct split Teal ,pintails, mallards and yes woodies. I know people who would much rather hunt in 50 degree weather than sub freezing.

    The DNR has a difficult job trying to please us all. In fact as is quite evident hear...IMPOSSIBLE....That being said.. I think DNR does a Damn fine job and has been refered to by the ANTI's as " The hunter Satisfaction Department" Well you know what..I'm one of those Satisfied hunters.. Are there possible improvements? ....You bet there are... Will personal attacks and childish remarks help? Hail NO So Grumpy Yucky Ducky Ospey and the rest...Please try to refrain from the personal stuff. And Jon ...I too have long been tired of your constant shots at MD...I long ago stopped making counter jabs at DE GIVE IT A REST :p

    It is alright for us to disagree and discuss our differences. For I know in the end we will actually all pull together. ( except Frederick Co. )

    Walnut....Live a little..The next time you go squirrel hunting deep in the hard woods. Take off your orange and unplug your gun :dv just kidding :grvn


    A ll I have to say is 125 yards ;)
  2. Mayor of Seneca

    Mayor of Seneca Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 10, 2004
    Slower Lower - Love Creek
  3. yuk

    yuk Guest

    ....that's a great picture. It should be on the cover of the 05-06 MD Hunting Guide with a caption below it saying "Any Questions!!!"

    Classic!!! :tu
  4. joe117

    joe117 Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 29, 2004
    I was just reading over this thread and found this, below, posted by Yuckster in post #8.

    Yuck, are you saying that this tired old story happened to you? :rolleyes:

    ......I'm sure there is a reason it is what it is. Perhaps someone laying on their belly or shooting prone was mistaken for a hog and shot in the past, which may have been avoided if that person was wearing orange, who knows. Hunters do stupid things. Ran across an older fella on state land in the past. We talked for a bit and my friend asked him if he had any luck or seen any deer. His reply was "I took a couple of sounds shots early in the morning"..........Sounds shots!!!! What the h ell is a sound shot???

    .....He said he heard something in the bush and pulled the trigger.
    Nothing personal here, but at a certain point it starts to become insulting.
  5. yuk

    yuk Guest

  6. Bunyan

    Bunyan Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 19, 2004
    Waterford, PA
    You should wear orange when squirrel hunting because there are often other seasons in during squirrel season. And people do get shot during squirrel season! My hunter safety instructor told us an account of an elderly man who was squirrel hunting in full camo and a orange hat. He took of his hat, set it on the ground. Grey hair against a tree, and BOOM!! If you need more than three shots from a shotgun to kill a squirrel then you need to visit the range!
  7. joe117

    joe117 Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 29, 2004
    I've heard that same exact tale about "sound shots" for over 30 years.

    Same wording, same story.

    It's always, met some guy in the woods, asked if he's had any luck, he says "no, just a couple of sound shots".
    "What's a sound shot?"
    "That's when you shoot at something in the brush making noise"

    And it actually happened to you......? :rolleyes:
    Just exactly the same tired old story? :rolleyes:

    Do a Google search on "sound shots". Lots of folks tell the EXACT same story.
    Here's some of what you will find,

    *They invited me to go along and considering I did not own a weapons they were going to supply me one. At the meeting they were talking about "Getting in some good sound shots".
    I then asked "What's a sound shot" and was told that when you heard the deer over in the bushes you just shot in that direction and you might luck out and kill the deer.
    *in the sixties a trucker that picked up my goods in mahatan went hunting up north. when he came back he said he went int to a bar an was drinking when another hunter came in. he asked the hunter if he got any game . the hunter said he got off a couple of sound shots. my friend asked what are sound shots. the hunter replied that is when you heare a sound in the bushes and you shoot at the sound

    *To make small talk I asked how the hunting was and he
    replied that he had gotten off a couple of 'sound shots'. What's that, I
    asked. I heard something and shot at it he replied."

    *asking him if hes seen anything? His straight faced reply is " well I got a few sound shots yesterday

    *Anyway, he did not see a single squirrel, but he said he saw a large number of other hunters. And in the little store/post-office/gas-station that was the center of Oak Hall Station he overheard someone saying, "I didn’t get any sight shots, but I got several sound shots," He asked what’s a sound shot – "It’s when you shoot at something you hear,"

    *They ask if we've seen any prey, and we say "No, but we got a few Sound Shots."

    *he hadn't SEEN anything, but awhile back he thought he HEARD something, so he made a couple of "sound shots".

    *Sir, did you see any deer? No, But I got off a few sound shots..

    *Many years ago while hunting the in the brushy country of Prescott, Arizona, I came upon a young fellow dressed in a red jacket and equipped with canteen, bowie knife, binoculars, and a 30-30 rifle. He was obviously a dude. To pass the time of day I asked if he had had any luck. He answered that he had not actually seen a deer, but he had had three or four good sound shots that morning. Further inquiry revealed that he meant he had heard loud crashing of brush as "something" (he assumed to be a deer) bounded away, and he had shot in that direction

    :l :l :l
  8. yuk

    yuk Guest

    ....apparently this guy must of heard of it as well, cause I never have.
    ...I guess I fell for it than. :eek:

    .....never took the time to do a "goggle" search of it...I just took his word. :)
  9. Scotty

    Scotty Elite Refuge Member

    Jul 9, 2002
    Salisbury, MD
    sound shots have to be by far the most retarded thing someone can do..... What irresponsibility!! :mad:

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