Meanwhilw...while you were sleeping...Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine.

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    Foggy Bear news.

    Ibid: Mr. Rasmussen did not say how many Russian artillery pieces had moved into Ukraine or where they were located, but one Western official said the number of Russian-operated artillery units was “substantial.”

    The NATO allegations are based on intelligence reports from several alliance members, Western officials said, and the allegation generally echoed Ukrainian claims in recent days of an expanding Russian military involvement in support of pro-Russian rebels who are battling to hold off a Ukrainian offensive.

    A NATO spokeswoman, Oana Lungescu, also said that the alliance had receive multiple reports of the direct involvement of Russian airborne, air defense and special operations forces in Eastern Ukraine.

    Dang...Obama plays golf and Putin plays Risk.
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    Cant say i blame him, he heard about the cheap beer and great duck and goose shooting there and its nearly the start of the season.:l:l
    Look at it like your lads in venesuela only with russians.

    Seriously what is anybody going to do about it. ?

    Well these are out of it.
    and so are these

    If your golffer has any sense he will just order pizza sit back and watch myhbusters with the kids and michele, get ready for duck season. :l:l
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