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  1. musher

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    Jul 30, 2007
    Well I finally drew a tag this year for the late rifle. It opened on 11/29 and ran until 1/31 or until quota of 82 wolves were registered in the NW zone. I live in the NW zone so that is were I hunt.

    I'll be if they didn't go and close the season tomorrow at sunset :mad: 72 of the 82 are already registered. The NE zone closed several days ago. Trapping catches go against the 82 and conditions have been good for trapping. I was able to get and do a little calling but obviously no luck. Really didn't want to hunt until mid-December when muzzle loading deer hunters would be out of the woods.

    Its a real shame that they set the quota so low that it can be met in less than 2 weeks. Hunters and trappers get 82 wolves while we pay guberment trappers to take 200-300 a year. What a joke! Glad I could donate $35 more to the DNR.
  2. marsh fox

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    Nov 15, 2005
    New Zealand
    Makes no sense at all, proves the goverment are against hunters generaly.
    It would make more financial sense to sack the paid cullers wardens an let more tags to hunters over a longer season.
    I am taking it that the cullers are in there out of the hunting season, in which case why not reap the revinue and provide more sport for the hunters.
    I work for a government agencey in NZ and have done previously in the uk, and they have never impressed me with the way they run things and thats anything.

    Hope you get one mush and if you do be sure to post up the details.
  3. Ruff

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    Jun 8, 2002
    Merrill, Wisconsin
    I had a tag in WI. this year and my zone closed in 4.5 days.

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