Mowing edges of MSU pool?

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    Jan 14, 2016
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    Above is a cross section of one of our moist soil units. Area is in CP-23 and the limits are defined by a line of equal elevation. The pool is approximately 1500' north/south x 300' east/west and about 15 acres at max pool. Max pool is 1' vertically below the limits of the CP-23 area which creates a buffer or varying width (slope dependent) on each side. This buffer can be mowed, disced, burned, etc. but obviously not planted. Any reason not to mow this buffer area? I'm thinking we may get a few doves using it if mowed mid-August. Where the max water line is pretty obvious in the field due to line between existing plant communities.

    Also later in the year when flooded to max pool would ducks be more likely to use the edges if mowed or left in natural growth? If it matters, one edge borders a planted field (beans this year) and other side another MSU. Thanks.
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    I don't think it would hurt the duck hunting and if you can mow/burn/disc and there are weed seeds that doves would benefit from I would give it a go. I will say Doves prefer bare dirt so if you can mow some and disc some providing them a clean field you could get some pretty good usage.

    Good luck

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