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Mud boat for sale

Discussion in 'Georgia Flyway Forum' started by alduckbuster, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. alduckbuster

    alduckbuster Senior Refuge Member

    Apr 18, 2004
    Central,Eastern No Flyway
    Hey guys, I have a 18/46 Bone crusher skiff for sale. It was built in 07 I payed for it after last hunting season and never put it in the water. It has a 27 kohler prodrive with 20 hours on it. I had this motor on a war eagle and it runs great. I ended up getting a lease this year so I dont need the boat. Again the hull is brand new I have not even registered it. It is sitting on a brand new 20ft trailer that I bought two weeks ago.

    Jason Rhoads did a great job building this boat. I wish I had a need for it but looks like it would only gather dust if I kept it. It is 125 guage and has a front deck with storage compartment, running lights, and a bench seat I designed to let the passengers sit towards the back of the boat but still give the driver room to sit or stand behind it.

    Asking 9,400.00

    call me at 205-365-3025 or email me at


    Luke Britt

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