My Response To IDNR Lic Increase-s & Iowa Sportsmen

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    My Response To IDNR Lic Increase-s & Iowa Sportsmen
    My Message to Iowa Sportsmen over Iowa IDNR present license increase for 2017. Again I write to you to support the ideas listed in this letter to you the Iowa Sportsmen. Please copy and paste this letter to your composed e mail and send it to your Elected Representative & Senator of your region.
    Simply add to this letter your name and Support of said ideas. Thank You
    I wish to speak to you about the IDNR present lic increase issue.
    Sportsmen have demands & needs to before any consideration is given to any Lic increase.
    Sportsmen of Iowa demand more for their hard earned money than simply the status Quo of operations or the allocations of habitat associated revenues. <--- This strictly applies to the associated Habitat Fee incorporated into the present Fishing Lic & Beginning Farmers Program on state public lands.
    I would also like to sit down with IDNR Directors & Administrators, of said departments to hash out some ideas to help fill the budget short falls but also provide Iowa Sportsmen,Iowa IDNR, Iowa Wildlife / Natural Resources the ability to move the Habitat Restoration & Recovery needle forward so that future generations of Iowan Sportsmen Inherit a brighter future than the one we as sportsmen have today! When budget issues come forward it is imperative that we move Conservation Forward vs afloat for now or susceptible to future budget shortfalls because we simply apply short term financial band-aids that do not resolve systemic financial issues. We must seek a means to resolve budget issues so that the risks of said issues in the future are Eliminated or marginalized.
    Some Ideas here.
    1. Lic increase that also provides a revenue stream to Support an Iowa River, Streams, Creeks & Lakes Habitat-s Restoration, Recovery, Enhancement, Conservation Easement & acquisitions program where said revenues are utilized as match sources for federal revenues or of the like to accomplish the above objectives.
    2. Revise the language in the Fishing Lic state code that strictly allocates the associated Habitat revenues for the strict purpose of Aquatic / Habitat restoration efforts that should be used as strict federal & state match grant opportunities to increase said revenue resources to increase the ability of said habitat restoration that is beneficial to improving and sustaining Iowa's fisheries.
    3. Iowa's beginning farmers program, revenues generated on said public acres should also be revised so that the strict application of said collected revenues through said agreement shall be allocated for the specific use of Habitat management needs of said facilities through the states Habitat Stamp Program. As the present program stands today this is NOT how those revenues are allocated through budget allocations / appropriations.
    4. The creation of an Iowa Conservation Agricultural Land Sales Tax. Future Ag land sales tax would go directly to support and increase support for Iowa's CREP program which said revenues are matched 4 to 1 to help Iowan's and Iowas farmers combat & resolve Iowa's associated water quality problems that contribute to the Hypoxia problems of the Gulf & Iowa's very own Blue Alga problems in our states waters.
    5. Revise language associated with Iowa's IDNR Mo. River Shallow Water Habitat Permit process which has greatly Increased the cost of Conservation Habitat Restoration & Recovery efforts of Our states Natural Resources.
    Please share with other Iowa Conservation Organizations and Iowa Sportsmen.
    I have personally worked with Iowa Sportsmen on behalf of our states natural resources and the future of our recreational opportunities. This work includes the last Habitat Stamp Fee increase which has to date generated Millions in Federal Conservation match grant revenues to assist Iowa sportsmen in the recovery, restoration and enhancement of critical wetland habitat throughout Iowa's N & NW Prairie Pothole Region. This work also helped create Iowa's 1st Recreational Access program better known as IHAP. This program helps assist Iowa Farmers & Landowners restore & enhance vital Habitat for Iowa's Natural resources why granting recreational access opportunity for Iowa sportsmen. This program has also generated Millions in federal Conservation grant revenues that help assist Iowa sportsmen and the IDNR resolve habitat issues on the private landscape. It has also Enhanced over 15k acres of habitat in Iowa.
    None of the above would not have been possible without the efforts of LEGISLATORS such as Senator Dick Dearden and fellow colleagues who saw the value and importance of maximizing Iowa sportsmen s revenues. Iowa Sportsmen have been and will continue to be the leaders in conservation and thus their $'s must always be utilized in any fee increase to support their future and those opportunities. Iowa Sportsmen carry this responsibility for all to Follow!

    Bill Smith
    Iowa Sportsmen
    Sioux City Iowa
    5309 HWY75 N Lot 44
    712-281-3313 c
    712 274-3343 h

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