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Discussion in 'Nebraska Flyway Forum' started by ArmChair Biologist, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. ArmChair Biologist

    ArmChair Biologist Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 16, 2016
    Hey guys. I'll be heading to SW NE either the first or second week of December. I think I'm going to stay in Alma and I'm going to focus on Pheasant but I'm going to buy my duck license as well. My dog is eleven and I have a feeling he'll need a day of rest so I'm going to try and shoot a couple ducks.

    I have a few questions. Is there hunt able numbers of snows around there? I'm going to bring my layouts and my honker silo's but I'll also bring a bag of snow socks if there's ever any around. I would much prefer to target snows then canadas, since I shoot plenty of those here.

    How is getting permission on private land around there? I'm fine with hunting a pond on public but if I could get on a field I'll try that too.

    Like I said pheasants are my main quarry for this trip but if I run into a hunt able spot for ducks/geese I'll target them for a morning. If any of you guys live in the area and want to take me out I wouldn't be against that either! I'm pretty decent on a call. It's just going to be my girlfriend and I, and I think it will be my dogs last big pheasant that's kinda what's driving it. Any info would be appreciated and if you don't want to post on here you can send me a pm. Thanks!
  2. frankman

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    Oct 15, 2015
    There may be a few snows staying on the lake but unless it’s unseasonably warm I’d really doubt there will be numbers

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