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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunters Forum' started by duckman2, Jan 10, 2001.

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    i been chassing waterfowl for a whil now and would like o get into some turkeys her. i know nothing about turkey hunting. could yall help me ?guns calls camo shells anything, i know nothing about turkeys except the have excellent vision and are hard to hunt. thanks for any help
  2. JN

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    Oct 13, 2000
    Muscatine, Iowa
    Duckman I was in your shoes 7 yrs. ago. I could tell you a little but it wouldn't be a drop in the pan. I would sugest going to the library and getting a couple books onit. Also watch as many videos and t.v. shows as you can. There is alot to know but I think #1 is the safe way to hunt, it's a must in turkey hunting.
  3. ACC/Boykin

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    Jan 9, 2001
    North Augusta, S.C.
    duckman2. Camo depends on where your hunting
    at but usually anything with a lot of green
    in it Mossy Oaks Shadow leaf works great if
    your hunting where there isn`t a lot of green foliage break up camo works good. Gun/
    same as you would use for ducks choke is a
    preference though I use a full or xtra full
    but a modified works at closer ranges well
    also. Shells/ some of my friends shoot #6
    but I like #4 3 inch.Tukeys or tough birds
    and harder to kill than most people think.
    Winchester supremes are a good shell also
    their xxmagnums are good, but shoot what
    patterns best in your Gun. Calls/ Lynch
    Fool Proof Box call is very good and real
    easy to use as well as a push pin call.
    Diaphrams, are great and sound good but take
    some practice, Slate in my opinion make the
    most realistic sounds but again they take
    practice the wider the peg is flared at the
    bottom the easier it is to use. The Wood
    Witch is a good slate call that sounds good
    and is real easy to use slates wont work in
    wet weather with a wood striker you`ll need
    something such as carbon, or glass. Knight&
    Hale as well as Preston Pittman have a good
    all weather striker. Be careful with your
    Box Call in wet weather when wood gets wet
    it does not work. You can use a bread sack
    and work your call in it when it is raining
    but you have to be careful this takes some
    movement. Turkeys have xtra great eyesight
    the slightest movement and there gone if
    they could smell we would never kill one.
    Sorry to be so lengthy but I have a great
    passion for this sport I`ll try to keep it
    shorter next time. Hope Ive helped a little.
    Good Luck be Safe and heres to you shooting
    a Limb Hanger this year. Boykinluvr... Oh
    dont forget camo everything face, hands, and
    especially your gun.
  4. Tuffy

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    Oct 24, 2000
    Sumter, South Carolina, USA
    Boykin gave you some good stuff. About all that I would add is to emphasize how important it is to get out in the woods "amongst" 'em. Go as much as you can before the season without a call. Take note of where you see sign and where and WHAT TIME you see birds. Look for patterns of sign such as scratching on the North side of ridges droppings under large trees near water. Be sure to check out open areas in the woods and trails for signs of strutting. Look for the birds in fields and pastures from roads. Above all, think in terms of their daily schedules. Where are they early in the morning, midday, mid-afternoon. Approach it like you would finding bass on the lake; the "catching" is just detail. Understanding them is what it is all about.

    Good luck and do read as much as you can. It all reminds me of one of my theme songs from a while back. I had been hunting just a few years and it was hit and miss for me. There was a George Harrison song that was played on the radio that I used to run over in my head while sitting without them on the bad days: "It's gonna take money; a whole lotta spending's gonna take time......"

    I think I sang that song out loud the first time I carried a gobbler out of the woods that had my last band (#5) for the season on his leg. For what it's worth, I put him in the truck and called another one into the road while leaning there beside him. When it rains, it pours.

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