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    Nov 12, 2009
    I have won a trip to Disney all paid for by Scentsy, but now I am super close to winning it for my fiance to come with me all paid. The point plan is set up by sales!

    So if you would like to participate and help me out it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! :pra

    If you place an order with me before Jan 31st (Which is when the contest ends) you will receive a gift from me:

    If you spend:

    $10-$80 worth you will get a free car candle

    $90-$150 worth you will get a free scent pack

    $200-$400 worth you will get a free plug in

    Every order is super important to me! Thank you so much!!!!

    Please go to my website then you will receive an email from me!

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