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New from Hevi Shot in 2012...

Discussion in 'Alabama Flyway Forum' started by tha_rebelcj7, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. tha_rebelcj7

    tha_rebelcj7 Refuge Member

    Jul 15, 2007
    First and foremost, the metals that are comprised of Hevi Shot and Hevi Metal has increased significantly over the last year. Unfortunately that means you will see some increase in price... (You are already seeing the increase in Lead/Reg Steel loads and they as well will increase more too)

    Hevi Shot is coming out with a few new products..

    Hevi-Metal Turkey...

    Similar to Heavy Metal for fowl, now designed for Turkeys.. Turkey Flyer.pdf

    Hevi Metal High Speed... Currently only offered in 10 guage, however other guages will be seen soon!

    Also Hevi Metal will be available in 2 3/4" inch shells for those who prefer to shoot those and great for youth!

    Hevi Shot Magnum Blend will now be available in 10 guage for those who prefer to takle wiley turkeys with them..

    Last but not least several new models will be available in Hevi Shot choke tubes. I shot them in my Beretta Xtrema 2 for both fowl and turkey and they def. got the job done...

    To see more info about the new products go here: Products 2012.pdf

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