New pto sprayer calibration

Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by Teamjefe, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Teamjefe

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    Jun 16, 2015
    Edna, Texas
    how have you guys gone about calibrating your sprayer? I just ordered a 110 gal boomless sprayer from Rozell Sprayers in Texas. It arrives tomorrow and I need to get started spraying. I have found the UGA method and it recommends using a distance of 114ft for my sprayer. Is this what other people have used?
  2. hhpage

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    Jan 11, 2005
    I use the tables published by the nozzle manufacturers, set my desired pressure (usually 30 psi) and collect output from one nozzle to verify that the flow is consistent with the tabulated value, then set my tractor speed to get the desired output per acre. I usually apply 20 gpa. You can make minor adjustments to pressure to compensate for a tractor speed that is not exactly what the tables call for (tractor rpm dictates pressure, so don't adjust speed with throttle without making a corresponding adjustment to pressure). My spray volume versus acreage covered always seems to confirm my calibration is close.
  3. Farm4wildlife

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    Jan 8, 2017
    Shenandoah valley
    With a boomless sprayer you will just need to follow the chart that is supplied. It should tell you a GPM @ different pressures. Then you can adjust ground speed accordingly. I have one that has 50' coverage. Its nice if there's obstacles in the field. Its a lot harder to use for application of product that needs to be pretty exact. Mine uses 3 different nozzles to create the desired width of spray.

    With the boom sprayer I use the tee-jet app on my phone. Its pretty slick. Select ground speed, desired gpa, distance between nozzles and then it shows a chart with different nozzles and what pressure to use to achieve your gallons per acre.

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