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Discussion in 'Gun Dog Forum' started by Tbgoose, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Based on the above quote, I will share with you a bit of knowledge. The breeders of great dogs (even if they aren't
    going the "limited route") will not be very receptive to your rationale for buying a pup.

    Call Larry or Anna Calvert at Jazztime Retrievers and tell them up front "I just want a good genetic dog so I can
    pup her out one time."
    :doh Requests like this are the reason some breeders use the limited registration route. Then
    again there are often litters in the Entry Express classifieds that will end up with "one more pup to a "reduced
    price" with good genetics.

    However, if you want to get your "foot in the door" it might be wise to simply stick with "I will hunt with this dog." :reader
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    Dec 11, 2016
    Thanks, I don’t mean to come out that way. I have had puppies before and had the mother dog until she passed away at the age of 13. I truly just want something a little different than what most are offering around here. I do love working with my labs and maybe the next step is going to events but what I care about now is a dog who is smart that I can train to be a great hunting partner.
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    I've heard good things about Stealth Point Kennels in Meeteesre, WY.
    Pointing labs and Wirehaired pointers. 303-272-7685
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    I'm a newbie, but I have seen Chris's work and results. I have a 1-yr old yellow that came from him. The dog has great drive and is smarter than many of the kids I taught and coached over the past 20 years. . .

    Check his FB page
    Chris Locklear (Locked and Loaded Retrievers)

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