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Discussion in 'Minnesota Flyway Forum' started by DakotaDave, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. DakotaDave

    DakotaDave Senior Refuge Member

    May 12, 2003
    Hello, I just accepted a position in Minnesota and will be moving to Le Sueur this month.
    I am a diehard water fowler with lots of equipment but now no local knowledge and a new job which will really hinder my opportunities to get to know the land quickly.
    I am hoping to meet someone whom may need a partner who can bring a few toys to the party. I have an enclosed trailer and about 70 FFD Canada decoys, five Mojos, Vortex, lay out blinds, two marsh boats, a couple dozen duck floaters and 30 duck field decoys, 32 goose floaters, a well-trained and well-mannered lab, and am a mildly competent goose and duck caller.
    Besides the ducks and geese I enjoy Pheasants and sharp-tails and have some extended family in North Dakota where I have done a lot of such hunting in the past.
    Late 40?s, good sense of humor with a love of hunting.
    Well anyway if anyone in the general area has the desire to expand their hunting colleagues by one more (or two if you count my dog) please let me know.
    If anyone can direct me to a club in the area that may be another option.
    Thanks for your time and good luck this season.
  2. goose_caller

    goose_caller Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 5, 2002
    Yankee Country
    No "clubs" in that area, Rochester would be the nearest. Area has opportunities, but also has a VERY high concentration of hunters.

    So who ya working for, guessing your either digging sand, making cheese, or making countertops?

    SHOOTINGGREENHEADS Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 4, 2005
    Mississippi Flyway
    Don't forget "green beans" and the counter top boys just acquired an airline.:yes

    Also there is a duck club in the area, Marsh Lake in Victoria, that is if you're "rolling fat":nutz

    Get a good MN Atlas and a plat book and you should do ok in that area.:tu
  4. h2ofwlr

    h2ofwlr Elite Refuge Member

    Jun 19, 2001
    In the land of 100,000 drained wetlands
    Victoria is not close at all. Caribou and Traxliers are 2 hunting clubs right outside of LeSuer. Caribou has sporting clays and upland fields. Traxliers has I think only fields. (It's been a more than a few years since I've been to them, so things may have changed).

    The biggest adjustment will be getting up 2 hrs earlier for hunting public water compared to the Dakota's. And good luck securing permission to hunt fields--as you'll need it compared to out west.
  5. NR

    NR Elite Refuge Member

    Jul 12, 2000
    Nordern MN
    Can't tell by your intro - you looking to go hunting or lookin for a date?! :l

    With all your toys and dog, I'd say you're all set to start a craigslist guide service!! :tu

    Oh yeah, welcome to MN . . . where you'll look forward to going to ND all year!
  6. CutEmAll-Boyz

    CutEmAll-Boyz Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 14, 2003
    Damn Dave I'm sorry to see you leave the area but of course happy for you at the same time! I was thinking the other day I had to be looking you up as the trigger finger is really aching. GUYS I can vouch for this guys serious approach to waterfowling. He is truly not afraid to put on the miles scouting and kick in his share to make a good hunt one that is truly EXCELLENT. What was that last hunt Dave? 12 birds in an hour? :flame Send me a PM as I will probably be headed back to that general area to touch base with some landowners again before September crow/goose extravaganza starts and would love to pick your brain if there's anything you're willing to give up:grvn. Will probably try to get into the area of that river we talked about so much last year that I never got to hunt! Take care!

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