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Discussion in 'Diver Hunters Forum' started by duckbuster5901, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. duckbuster5901

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    Feb 15, 2011
    Very helpful description. Thanks.More scoter decoys on the way for the singles. Think the v boards will work for the 2 long lines. Was amazed at how far those v boards and sleds show up across the bay but than i built the silos about 20" long. Got to get a good hunt in before our seaduck zone closes down on Jan. 13
  2. Moosechop

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    Dec 17, 2016
    . Lol. Thanks! I only have long lines right now,but throwing single decoys is a good idea
  3. EliteLIOutfitter

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    Nov 6, 2016
    Long Island
    For the bunch of birds at the head of the rig, instead of using individual birds, which are a big PITA to pick up at the end of the day, you could try the Southern Flyway Rafts. We've been using them this season and having very good results. You can put 10-15 decoys on a raft and deploy (and retrieve) it in seconds with only one anchor.

    We just got the rafts this year, and have been trying different configurations. At first, I was running connecting them at the front of my long line and running the rest of the line of decoys to the tail of the raft. Now I've moved them to the sides of the long line, and at the head of the rig, but by themselves. It's much easier that way.

    When I'm running a tender boat, I'll throw out a raft off the stern, while waiting to pick up birds for the layout and I've shot a bunch of birds over just a single raft of scoter or squaw on my own.

    Here I've rigged a pair of rafts in tandom and you can see that I have them just inside of the long line. Many of the birds we've taken this year have flown right up to land on the raft. Like the one shot in this picture the dog is going after.


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