Newb looking to learn how to call Ducks

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    NO Ka ,
    You can buy all the calling systems you want , and I'm sure that if you put the time in and Practice a lot ...they will help you know doubt ... Calling like anything else you want to be good at takes practice and a lot of it , daily if you can at least until your proficient then go to a few times a week .... I run my calls daily during the season 15 min or so it's a good idea to practice as much as possible .... BtW ...I don't know to many goose callers that can't call dux , all the best world champ goose callers I've heard can call dux as good or better than many but I sure know a ton of good duck callers that can't run a goose call .. IMO a True well rounded Waterfowl a holic should be good at calling all species they hunt as well as tune your own calls .... It cracks me up to see guys running a call and the reed cracks , blisters or just looses its tune and they have no idea how to fix it themselves .....

    Quick shout out to Trevor S ... over the yrs he has put some of the best free calling advise available for both ducks and geese all on YouTube .... Helped me a bunch ...
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